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Atalasoft.Annotate.Importers Namespace

The Atalasoft.Annotate.Importers namespace contains classes used to import annotations from a specific format into DotImage annotations.
Public classAnnotationDataImporter
AnnotationDataImporter is an abstract base class used to define how annotations are imported from arbitrary data files into DotImage.
Public classAnnotationDataImportEventArgs
An object representing information about an annotation being imported.
Public classAnnotationDataMergerDictionary
THis is a collection of types and delegates that define how annotations are merged after importing.
Public classAnnotationDataPageImportEventArgs
An object representing information about a page of annotations being imported.
Public classAnnotationDataPropertyMerger
AnnotationDataPropertyMerger is a utility class that conditionally merges properties from one annotation into another. This class is used as the default property merger in the PdfAnnotationDataImporter.
Public classPdfAnnotationDataImporter
Constructs a new PdfAnnotationDataImporter object.
Public classXmpAnnotationDataImporter
An object for importing annotations from a stream of XMP data.
Public delegateAnnotationDataImporterFactory
A delegate for constructing annotations from data that a given AnnotationDataImporter doesn't understand.
Public delegateAnnotationDataImportEventHandler
A delegate called after annotation data has been imported.
Public delegateAnnotationDataMerger
Merges data from one annotation into another, returning the merged annotation.
Public delegateAnnotationDataPageImportEventHandler
A delegate called for each page imported.
Public enumerationAnnotationDataPropertyChoice
Enumeration used to select how one property is chosen from a pair of AnnotationData objects.