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Atalasoft.Annotate.Silverlight Namespace

This namespace contains the classes used for server-side annotation support.
Public classAnnotationObject
This class is used for annotation serialization.
Public classAnnotationSerializationEventArgs
This class is used to provide information for the Deserialization and Serialization events.
Public classSilverlightAnnotationWebHandler
This class replaces the SilverlightWebHandler and adds support for annotations. You must have a DotImage Document Imaging license to use this class.
Public classSilverlightInkData
This class is the AnnotationData for the SilverlightInkAnnotation.
Public classSilverlightInkPoint
This structure represents a StylusPoint in the SilverlightInkAnnotation.
Public classSilverlightInkRenderingEngine
This class is used to render SilverlightInkData objects.
Public classSilverlightInkStroke
This class represents an Ink stroke.
Public classXmpStreamEventArgs
This class is used to hold information for importing and exporting XMP annotation data.