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Atalasoft.Annotate.Wpf Namespace

Public classAtalaAnnotationViewer
This control is used to view and annotate images in a WPF environment. It contains an AtalaImageViewer (accessed through the ImageViewer property) and a WpfAnnotationCanvas (accessed through the Annotations property).
Public classCollectionChangedEventArgsT
This class is used to indicate changes made to a collection.
Public classEventArgsT
This class is a generic version of EventArgs.
Public classGripMoveRequest
This class holds information for a grip move operation request.
Public classMoveAnnotationRequest
This class hold information for a move request.
Public classOperationRequestInformation
This class is used to send an operation request to an annotation.
Public classRotateAnnotationRequest
This class holds information for a rotate request.
Public classValueChangedEventArgsT
This class is used to indicate that a value has changed.
Public classWpfAnnotationCanvas
The WpfAnnotationCanvas is a Canvas object used to render annotations. This class is similar to the AnnotationController used in DotImage.
Public classWpfAnnotationCursors
AnnotationCursors is a used to hold all of the Cursor objects for the annotations. This simplifies changing the appearance of the cursors.
Public classWpfAnnotationGrip
This class represents a single grip.
Public classWpfAnnotationGrips
This is the base grips class used for annotations.
Public classWpfAnnotationSpaceConverter
This class is used to convert between viewer, document and annotation space.
Public classWpfAnnotationUI
This is the base class for all WPF annotations.
Public classWpfAnnotationUICollection
This class is a collection of WpfAnnotationUI objects.
Public classWpfAnnotationUIEnumerator
This class is returned by WpfAnnotationUICollection.GetEnumerator to enumerate through the annotation collection.
Public classWpfAnnotationUIFactoryT, TData
This class is the default annotation factory used by all WPF annotations provided.
Public classWpfAnnotationUIFactoryCollection
This class holds the annotation UI factories used when deserializing AnnotationData objects.
Public classWpfCalloutAnnotation
This annotation is designed to provide additional information on a specific area of the document. It contains an editable text area and a leader line used to point to the area of the document. When creating this annotation, the first click sets the target for the leader and centers the annotation over the target. With the mouse still pressed, drag the annotation to the desired location. Both annotation and leader point can be repositioned independently after the annotation has been created.
Public classWpfEllipseAnnotation
This class is used to create an elliptical annotation.
Public classWpfEmbeddedImageAnnotation
This is an image annotation that will embed the image into the serialized XMP or WANG data.
Public classWpfFreehandAnnotation
This class is used for a freehand annotation.
Public classWpfHotSpotAnnotation
This annotations can be used to add rectangular hot spots on a document. When the InteractMode is set to View the hot spot annotations will be invisible but the cursor will change when hovering over it to indicate that area can be clicked. For a non-rectangular area use the WpfHotSpotFreehandAnnotation.
Public classWpfHotSpotFreehandAnnotation
This annotation can be used to create a freehand hot spot area on the document. When the InteractMode is set to View the hot spot annotations will be invisible but the cursor will change when hovering over it to indicate that area can be clicked. For a rectangular hot spot use the WpfHotSpotAnnotation.
Public classWpfLayerAnnotation
A WpfLayerAnnotation is a collection of other annotations, including other WpfLayerAnnotation objects.
Public classWpfLayerAnnotationEnumerator
This class is used to enumerate the WpfLayerCollection.
Public classWpfLayerCollection
This class holds a collection of WpfLayerAnnotation objects, each containing the visible annotations.
Public classWpfLineAnnotation
This is a single line annotation from StartPoint to EndPoint.
Public classWpfLinesAnnotation
The WpfLinesAnnoation represents a series of points connected by straight lines.
Public classWpfObjectConverter
This class contains helpful methods for converting between System.Drawing and System.Windows.Media objects. There are also methods for converting DotImage classes into System.Windows.Media objects.
Public classWpfPointBaseAnnotation
WpfPointBaseAnnotation is an abstract class from which all point base annotations derive. This reduces the amount of code required to create this annotations.
Public classWpfPointCollection
A Collection of Point objects for use in WPF
Public classWpfPolygonAnnotation
A WpfPolygonAnnotation is a series of points used to draw a polygon with an optional fill.
Public classWpfRectangleAnnotation
This is a rectangular annotation with an optional shadow brush.
Public classWpfRectangleGrips
This class represents a group of WpfAnnotationGrip objects for rectangular shaped annotations.
Public classWpfReferencedImageAnnotation
This annotation references a local image by filename. When viewing this annotation on multiple systems, the image file must be provided at the same location of each system.
Public classWpfRubberStampAnnotation
This annotation provides a text message with a rounded rectangle outline similar to a rubber stamp.
Public classWpfTextAnnotation
This annotation displays text which can be edited by the user.
Public interfaceIWpfAnnotationUIFactory
This interface is implemented by factory classes used to create annotations from AnnotationData.
Public enumerationWpfAnnotationGripAction
Indicates the action performed by a grip.
Public enumerationWpfAnnotationGripMode
Indicates whether rectangular or point grips are used for point based annotations.
Public enumerationWpfAnnotationOperationRequests
Indicates the operation requested on the annotation.
Public enumerationWpfAnnotationSelectionMode
Indicates whether the WpfAnnotationCanvas should perform single or multiple selections.
Public enumerationWpfFreehandLineType
Indicates the freehand line style.
Public enumerationWpfGripHotZoneAction
Indicates the action for a zone grip.
Public enumerationWpfRectangleGrip
Identifies the rectangular grip.
Public enumerationWpfRectangleGripRotationMode
Indicates the grip rotation behavior.
Public enumerationWpfVisualScaleMode
Indicates the type of scaling performed by the GenerateVisual and CreateVisual methods.