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Atalasoft.Annotate.Wpf.Pdf Namespace

Public classWpfPdfAnnotation
This is the base PDF annotation class all WPF PDF annotations derive from. This class should not be created directly.
Public classWpfPdfLineAnnotation
This class represents a PDF line annotation. While similar to a standard line annotation, the PDF version includes a caption which is centered within or above the line (if the text is too long to fit within).
Public classWpfPdfLineAnnotationRenderingEngine
This class is the rendering engine for a WpfPdfLineAnnotation.
Public classWpfPdfMarkupAnnotation
This class represents a PDF markup annotation, such as underline, squiggly, strikeout and highlight.
Public classWpfPdfMarkupAnnotationRenderingEngine
This class is used to render the WpfPdfMarkupAnnotation.
Public classWpfPdfPopupWindow
Interaction logic for WpfPdfPopupWindow.xaml