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Atalasoft.Barcoding.Reading Namespace

Contains classes and interfaces related to barcode recognition.
Public classAztecOptions
Extra options that apply specifically to the Aztec symbology.
Public classBarCode
Describes a barcode symbol found within an image.
Public classBarCodeEventArgs
Provides data for the ReadBarCode event in the BarCodeReader class.
Public classBarCodeReader
A barcode reader. To read barcodes from an image, create an instance of this class, associate it with the image, and invoke its ReadBars method.
Public classBarCodeReaderBase
An abstract base class for barcode reading that implements many of the core features.
Public classBarcodeReaderLicense
This class is used for licensing purposes, or for inspecting the current Edition.
Public classCodabarOptions
Extra options that apply specifically to the Codabar symbology.
Public classPdf417Options
Extra options that apply specifically to the PDF417 symbology.
Public classReadOpts
Encapsulates the options for reading barcodes from images.
Public classStructuredAppend
Structured Append barcode data
Public interfaceBarImageable
Specification for an image data provider.
Public delegateBarCodeEventHandler
Event handler for events that require a BarCode object.
Public enumerationAztecParsingQuality
Represents the quality of Aztec barcode detection, validation and decoding.
Public enumerationBarcodeReaderEdition
Defined the type of BarcodeReader license.
Public enumerationCode39Options
This enumeration represents a set of flags that will affect how Code39 barcodes are read. If you need to read other symbologies in addition to Code39, you should always use the None setting.
Public enumerationDirections
Read direction identifiers. Flagged.
Public enumerationReadingQuality
ReadingQuality balances speed and accuracy of the BarCodeReader object.
Public enumerationSymbologies
Barcode symbology identifiers. Flagged.