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Atalasoft.Barcoding.Writing Namespace

Public classBarcodeControl
A Windows Forms control that renders linear barcodes
Public classBarcodeWriter
The BarcodeWriter class allows creation of one-dimensional barcodes on Graphics objects.
Public classDataMatrixBarcodeControl
BarcodeControl is a Windows Forms control that allows authoring of Data Matrix two-dimensional barcodes. Data Matrix is a compact format that can encode binary data as well as text.
Public classDataMatrixBarcodeWriter
The DataMatrixBarcodeWriter class allows creation of Data Matrix two-dimensional barcodes on Graphics objects.
Public classPdf417BarcodeControl
BarcodeControl is a Windows Forms control that allows authoring of PDF 417 two-dimensional barcodes. PDF 417 is a format that can encode binary data as well as text and can includes extensive protection from symbol damage.
Public classPdf417BarcodeWriter
The Pdf417BarcodeWriter class allows creation of PDF 417 two-dimensional barcodes on Graphics objects.
Public interfaceIBarGraphics
An interface for integrating custom drawing of barcodes other than the System.Windows.Graphics object.
Public enumerationBarcodeAlignment
Possible alignment values of the bar code symbol relative to its layout rectangle. BarcodeOrientation
Public enumerationBarcodeOrientation
Possible orientation values for the bar code symbol. Specifies in what direction the bar code symbol is drawn.
Public enumerationBarcodeStyle
Different styles or bar code symbologies to use. The style determines the supported character set.
Public enumerationDataMatrixSymbolEncoding
DataMatrix supports six different encoding schemes or modes. Each scheme has its native character set for which achieves maximum efficiency.
Public enumerationDataMatrixSymbolOrientation
Possible orientations for the DataMatrix bar code symbol.
Public enumerationDataMatrixSymbolSize
DataMatrix supports square symbols with sizes from 10x10 up to 144x144 as well as six different rectangular symbols from 8x18 to 16x48. If SymbolSize.Auto is selected then the smaller symbol fr the given amount of data is automatically selected.
Public enumerationLayoutMode
Describes how the ModuleWidth and ModuleRatio of the bar code are handled: calculated automatically trying to fit the Rectangle supplied in Render or following the user's settings. If set to auto, the module width and ratio are computed for you.
Public enumerationPdf417SymbolOrientation
Possible orientations for the PDF417 bar code symbol.