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Atalasoft.Imaging Namespace

Public classAtalaFileStream
A custom Stream object that is used to read and write images to a file. This is the default stream object used when specifying filenames for images. Deprecated, use AtalaFile64Stream in preferance to this class.
Public classCode exampleAtalaImage
The AtalaImage object holds the raw image data, a Palette, and methods used to access this data.
Public classAtalaImageEditor
Allows visual designers to add AtalaImage objects in design time.
Public classAtalaInt128Collection
A collection of AtalaInt128 structures.
Public classAtalaPixelFormatChanger
This is the standard PixelFormat changer class.
Public classAtalasoftLicenseException
Summary description for AtalasoftLicenseException.
Public classBinaryPaletteEnforcer
A ResourceReleaserT that inverts a 1BPP AtalaImage on creation if it does not have the desired photometric interpretation, and inverts it again at the end of its lifetime.
Public classBinaryPaletteEnforcerEnforcerState
The internal state of a BinaryPaletteEnforcer instance.
Public classChangedImageEventArgs
This class is used to indicate when an AtalaImage has changed.
Public classExceptionEventArgs
Provides data for the ProcessError event.
Public classFileMapIOException
This exception is thrown when an error occurs when allocating an image with file memory mapping.
Public classFileReloader
FileReloader is an implementation of the IImageReloader interface. It encapsulates information about an image stored in a file system and can reload that image at any point.
Public classFileSystemImageSource
This is an implementation of an ImageSource using a file system as a provider of images.
Public classFileSystemImageSourceEventArgs
This object is used for events fired by a FileSystemImageSource.
Public classFormDataCollection
The FormDataCollection is used with the HttpPost class to send form information to a web server.
Public classGdiException
This exception is thrown when a GDI function fails.
Public classCode exampleHttpPost

This class allows you to post data to a server without user interaction.

The data is posted as if it were being sent from an HTML Form, allowing any form handling component to be used on the server.

Public classImageCancelEventArgs
Provides data for the event which allow an operation using an image to be cancelled.
Public classImageCollection
This collection holds multiple AtalaImage objects useful for various features like working with multi-paged images, animations, and layering.
Public classImageCollectionEventArgs
Provides data for the Workspace NewImage and ChangedImage events.
Public classImageCollectionImageSource
ImageCollectionImageSource is an adapter class to make an ImageCollection compatible with the ImageSource class.
Public classImageEventArgs
Provides data for the NewImage and Workspace.ImageChanged events.
Public classImageMemory Obsolete.

This class handles memory associated with an image. It controls how the memory is allocated and freed. Use this class to enable memory file mapping.

This class is no longer used in DotImage. Please use PixelMemory instead.

Public classImageProcessException
This exception is thrown when an error occurs during processing of an image
Public classImageSource
An abstract class that is used to define a flexible mechanism for managing large quantities of images without having to keep them all in memory at once.
Public classImageSourceNode
This is an object used to hold AtalaImage objects in the ImageSource. This object is only of interest if you are writing your own ImageSource implementation.
Public classImageStreamEventArgs
Provides data for the ImageStreamCompleted event.
Public classIncompatiblePixelFormatException
This exception is thrown when the image to be processed does not contain a %PixelFormat% compatible with the function of interest.
Public classIndirectionImageSource
The IndirectionImageSource class is used to provide an ImageSource which can be modified after its initial creation. The ThumbnailImageViewerSynchronizer uses this class to handle changes to the original ImageSource.
Public classInternalErrorException
This exception is for generic errors within the DotImage codebase.
Public classInternetConnectException
This exception is thrown when there is an error opening an internet connection.
Public classInternetInvalidPasswordException
This exception is thrown when an invalid password was detected while attempting to connect to an HTTP or FTP site to download an image.
Public classMarshalByRefCollectionBase

A base abstract (MustInherit in Visual Basic) collection class intended for strongly typed collections containing unmanaged data.

Public classMarshalByRefReadOnlyCollectionBase

A base abstract (MustInherit in Visual Basic) collection class intended for strongly typed read-only collections containing unmanaged data.

Public classOperationCancelledException
This class is used to cancel running operations.
Public classPalette
The palette contains color information that is applied to colormapped images. Use this object to modify and read the palette colors.
Public classPixelFormatChangeEventArgs
Provides data for the PixelFormatChange event.
Public classPixelFormatChanger
This is an abstract class that defines how an image should be changed from one pixel format to another.
Public classPixelFormatUtilities
PixelFormatUtilities is a toolbox of utilities for manipulating and asking questions about PixelFormat enumerated values.
Public classPixelMemoryException
This exception is thrown when an error occurs that is related to PixelMemory
Public classProcessQueue
Holds a collection of ProcessQueue that are awaiting asynchronous processing.
Public classProcessQueuedItem

This class contains information regarding the image processing function that is to be run when the ProcessQueue is ready.

Public classProcessUndo
Contains information about an undo level that will be used in the %ProcessQueue%.
Public classProgressEventArgs
Provides data for the Progress event.
Public classRandomAccessImageSource
This is an abstract class which is used to define ImageSource objects that can be accessed in any order.
Public classReleasingImageSourceNodeEventArgs
This class is passed in the Releasing event to provide the ImageSourceNode that has been released.
Public classCode exampleResourceReleaserT
This is a tool that can be used for managing the automatic releasing of resources via the using statement.
Public classSerializationHelper
SerializationHelper is a set of static methods to help in the process of deserialization of an object graph.
Public classCode exampleUndoCollection

The UndoCollection class is used to manage operations that need undo/redo functinality. The collection contains properties to specify the number of allowed operations to undo or redo.

Public classUndoLevel
The UndoLevel class is used to store a single operation, in an UndoCollection, that can be un-done or re-done. Every instance of this class holds an ImageCollection which are the set of images that will be restored to 'undo' the operation that this UndoLevel represents.
Public classCode exampleWorkspace

The workspace object is the container that is used to manage changes to images and provide an interface to open, save, and manipulate images either synchronously or asynchronously.

Public structureAtalaInt128
A 128 bit Integer value type used in JPEG2000 metadata.
Public structureCmykColor
CmykColor defines a color that consists of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black components.
Public structureDpi
Holds the Resolution information.
Public interfaceIImageReloader
IImageReloader provides a mechanism to bring unloaded images back into memory. This interface is used by ImageSource.
Public delegateChangedImageEventHandler
This EventHandler is used to update AtalaImage objects in various classes.
Public delegateExceptionEventHandler
This EventHandler is used to pass along an exception during an image processing operation.
Public delegateFileSystemImageSourceFileEventHandler
This event is used for tracking when a file or a frame within a file has been loaded.
Public delegateFileSystemImageSourceFileFilterDelegate
The FileFilterDelegate is used within the FileSystemImageSource to provide a means of filtering out files or pages within files
Public delegateImageCancelEventHandler
Handles canceling operations.
Public delegateImageEventHandler
Event Handler for events requiring the image information.
Public delegateImageFileIOEventHandler
Event Handler requiring the a Stream object.
Public delegatePixelFormatChangeEventHandler
Handles operations that require the PixelFormat of an image to change.
Public delegateProgressEventHandler
Handles the progress event for operations.
Public delegateReleasingImageSourceNodeEventHandler
Reports when an ImageSourceNode has been released.
Public enumerationFlipDirection
Specifies the flip direction.
Public enumerationLicenseEdition
This enumeration indicates the type of license found by DotImage.
Public enumerationPaletteType
Contains the standard palette types that a palette can be set to.
Public enumerationPixelFormat
Specifies the format of the color data for each pixel in the image.
Public enumerationResolutionUnit
Defines the units associated with Resolution, or Dpi.