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Atalasoft.Imaging.Codec.Jbig2 Namespace

Public classJb2Decoder
The class derives from ImageDecoder and decodes JBIG2 images. Jb2Decoder may access to an existing JBIG2 file or JBIG2 embedded stream (StreamForPdf, refer to Jb2ExportFileFormat).
Public classJb2Encoder
This class, derived from MultiFramedImageEncoder, compresses a bi-tonal (black and white) image using JBIG2 compression.
Public enumerationJb2EncodingMode
Property to set the mode to be used during encoding.
Public enumerationJb2ExportFormat
Compressed file format for exported documents.
Public enumerationJb2GenericBitmapCoder
Type to specify the bitmap coder to be used during compression.
Public enumerationJb2GenericTemplate
Context template to use when coding generic region using arithmetic coder.
Public enumerationJb2SymbolDictionary
Context template to use when coding dictionary symbols using arithmetic coder.
Public enumerationJb2SymbolTemplate
Template to use when encoding dictionary symbols using arithmetic coder.