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Atalasoft.Imaging.Codec.Jpeg2000 Namespace

The namespace including all JPEG2000 codec classes, and JP2 specific metadata.
Public classCode exampleJp2Decoder
The class derives from ImageDecoder and decodes JPEG2000 images.
Public classJp2Encoder Obsolete.
The class derived from ImageEncoder that encodes JPEG2000 images.
Public classJp2EncoderOptions
This class specifies encoder options that can be applied to the entire image, a specific tile, or a specific component.
Public classJp2EnhancedRegion
Region of interest in the JPEG2000 standard
Public classJp2EnhancedRegionCollection
Regions of interest which shall be compressed at a different quality than the rest of the image.
Public classJp2ImageInfo
This class derives from ImageInfo, and contains information about the JPEG2000 image such as width, height, and colordepth.
Public classJp2IptcParser
This class parses IPTC data from an image stream, adds JPEG2000 to the supported image formats for IPTC parsing.
Public classJp2License
Class that allows assembly tied embedded component licensing.
Public classJp2Palette
Public classJp2ResolutionParams
Resolution structure for DPI information. Note that resolution information may only be stored in Jp2 file format images. Plain codestream format images can not store resolution information. The image resolution is calculated by: [DPM] = ( xNum / xDenom ) * 10 ^ xExp
Public classJp2XmlParser
Public classJpeg2000Encoder
The class derived from ImageEncoder that encodes JPEG2000 images.
Public classJpeg2000EncoderOptions
This class specifies encoder options that can be applied to the entire image, a specific tile, or a specific component.
Public classProgressiveImageEventArgs
This class contains information when a Jp2Decoder.ProgressiveImage event is fired.
Public classUuidBox
A UUID box contains vendor specific data other than that data defined within International Standard. There may be multiple UUID boxes within the file
Public classUuidBoxCollection
This class contains a collection of UuidBox objects.
Public classUuidBoxParser
This class parses UUID information from JPEG2000 images.
Public classUuidInfoBox
This class contains a UUID Info Box, as defined in the JPEG2000 specification.
Public classUuidInfoBoxCollection
This class holds a collection of UuidInfoBox objects
Public classUuidInfoBoxParser
This class will parse a JPEG2000 image stream for UuidInfoBoxes
Public classUuidUrlBox
This class contains URL UUID information.
Public delegateJp2EncoderOptionsCallback
Public delegateJpeg2000EncoderOptionsCallback
Public delegateProgressiveImageEventHandler
Delegate that handles Progressive Reading.
Public enumerationJp2ByteOrder
Byte order for input/output of image data.
Public enumerationJp2CacheOption
Decompression internal read cache usage.
Public enumerationJp2CoderOptions
Coder option bit masks. Flagged.
Public enumerationJp2CompressionMode
Two compression modes are supported: using compression rates (CompressionSize) and quality (only when the 9-7 filter is used)
Public enumerationJp2FileFormat
Available JPEG2000 codestreams
Public enumerationJp2LicenseEdition
Public enumerationJp2PacketMarkers
Error recovery markers in bit stream. Flagged
Public enumerationJp2Precision
Wavelet Precision
Public enumerationJp2ProgressionOrder
For a given tile, the packets contain data from a specific component, a specific resolution, and a specific precinct. The order in which these packets are interleaved is called the progression order. The interleaving of the packets can progress along four axes: layer (L), component (C), resolution (R) and precinct (P).
Public enumerationJp2QualityStyle
Quality styles are used to set the quality mode to be used during lossy compression. The quality may be optimized for PSNR or for visual quality.
Public enumerationJp2QuantizationStyle Obsolete.
The quantization steps can either be derived from a base quantization step, Derived, or calculated for each image sub-band, Expounded.
Public enumerationJp2ResolutionTypes
Public enumerationJp2ResolutionUnits
Public enumerationJp2SpeedMode
Values for setting the encoding speed.
Public enumerationJp2WaveletFilter Obsolete.
Wavelet filtering method.
Public enumerationJPEG2000QuantizationStyle
Public enumerationJPEG2000WaveletFilter
Public enumerationJpxStandardFeatures
Standard Reader Requirement Features