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Atalasoft.Imaging.Codec.Pdf Namespace

Contains classes that give DotImage PDF Encode functionality.
Public classColorRenderSettings
This class is unused now, but may be used in a future version
Public classDocument
The Document class is the top-level class that represents an existing PDF document.
Public classCode exampleExtractedImageInfo
Represents a single occurrence of an image on a PDF page. Encapsulates both the image and its location on the page.
Public classFontSubstitutionMap
Gets a value that lets you define which external fonts are used to render fonts that are not embedded.
Public classJpegToPdfEncoder
This class is used to convert one or more JPEG files into a single PDF document. This is a lossless process: JPEG image data is rewritten directly into the output PDF without decoding/re-encoding it.
Public classJpegToPdfPageEventArgs
Represents data present when a JPEG image has been acquired and is about to be translated into a PDF page.
Public classPage
A page inside an existing PDF document. Obtained through the [!:Pages::Item] property of the Pages class.
Public classPageCollection
A collection of Page objects.
Public classPages
Collection of pages inside a PDF document. Non-creatable. Obtained through the [!:Document::Pages] property of the Document class.
Public classPdfCodecCompression
PdfCodecCompression is a container class that encapsulates compression settings for a PDF image.
Public classCode examplePdfDecoder
A MultiFramedImageDecoder used to read PDF pages as images from a Stream.
Public classPdfEncoder
An ImageEncoder that will write one or more images to a PDF file.
Public classPdfImage
Contains information about a single image or file to be added to the PDF.
Public classPdfImageCollection
Contains a collection of PdfImage objects to be saved to PDF.
Public classPdfImageInfo
Includes information about an image that is created from a PDF page using the PdfDecoder.
Public classPdfMetadata
Contains general information about the PDF file.
Public classRenderSettings
Encapsulates all settings that control the render process.
Public classSegmentProcessEventArgs
Defines an event that is used to process segment images.
Public classSummary
Provides a summary of the rasterization process. This class is currently empty and has been added for future extension.
Public classWrongPasswordException
This exception is thrown if a PDF is opened with the wrong password
Public enumerationAnnotationRenderSettings
Settings that control how annotations are rendered.
Public enumerationColorTransformationMode
This class is unused now, but may be used in a future version
Public enumerationPageBoundary
Different PDF page boundaries that each correspond to a specific imaging or finishing process.
Public enumerationPdfCompressionMode
Describes PDF compression algorithm.
Public enumerationPdfCompressionType
The type of compression used on the image data.
Public enumerationPdfPageSizeMode
Used to set the page SizeMode of a PDF document created with PdfEncoder.
Public enumerationSegmentColorType
Describes color types of pdf segments.
Access to PDF encode functionality requires DotImage Document Imaging.