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Atalasoft.Imaging.Codec.Tiff Namespace

Public classTiffDirectory
Represents a single TIFF page.
Public classTiffDirectoryCollection
For use as part of a TiffFile. Holds the collection of images that make up the pages in a TIFF.
Public classTiffDocument
The TiffDocument class is used to represent an entire TIFF file in a way that makes it convenient to manipulate the pages of the document. Pages can be reordered, inserted, added, and removed. The final document can then be saved to a new file. TiffDocument keeps as little in memory at one time as possible.
Public classCode exampleTiffFile
TiffFile is a class that allows access to a TIFF image file directly, without loading the image into memory. It represents a single TIFF document which can contain multiple pages.
Public classTiffPage
An object that represents a page within a TiffDocument.
Public classTiffPageCollection
A collection object used to hold a set of TiffPage objects.