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Atalasoft.Imaging.ColorManagement Namespace

Public classAtalaLittleCms
Public classColorProfile

A color profile that is used for translating colors.

Public classColorTransform

Contains a color transform object and methods to convert from one colorspace to another using a ColorProfile.

Public classInvalidColorProfileException
This exception fires when the ColorProfile used for a ColorTransform are invalid.
Public enumerationAtalaCmsPixelFormat
Public enumerationAtalaColorSpaceSignature
Public enumerationAtalaHeaderFlags
Public enumerationAtalaPlatformSignature
Public enumerationAtalaProfileClassSignature
Public enumerationAtalaRenderingIntent
Public enumerationAtalaTransformFlags
Public enumerationColorSpace
A value that indicates the color space in which profile data is defined.
Public enumerationColorType
Describes the general color type
Public enumerationPlatform
Indicates the platform that the profile is intended for.
Public enumerationProfileClass
Indicates the profile class.
Public enumerationProfileFlags
Bit flags containing hints that the CMM uses to interpret the profile data.
Public enumerationRenderingIntent
Indicates different methods to create a color rendering as defined by the International Color Consortium (ICC).