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Atalasoft.Imaging.Drawing Namespace

Public classAtalaPen

The AtalaPen is used to define a line or border used when drawing primitives onto a Canvas.

Public classAtalaPenConverter
AtalaPenConverter i s utility for serialization of objects to AtalaPen
Public classCanvas
This class is used to draw primitives and text onto an AtalaImage, Bitmap, or Graphics object.
Public classFill

The base class which all Fill objects inherit. A Fill contains the color of the entity being drawn.

Public classHatchedFill

A Fill containing hatched lines.

Public classSolidFill
A Fill containing a solid color.
Public classTextFormat

Contains extended properties for use with drawing text onto a Canvas.

Public enumerationAlignment
Specifies the line position.
Public enumerationCornerJoin
Corner style used where lines join.
Public enumerationEndCap
Drawing style for the end of lines.
Public enumerationFontQuality
Font quality style when using the DrawText method.
Public enumerationHatch
The style of Hatch to use when FillStyle is Hatched.
Public enumerationLineStyle
The type of line to draw.
Public enumerationTextAlignment
The horizontal alignment of the text.