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Atalasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing Namespace

Public classApplyPaletteCommand
Summary description for ApplyPaletteCommand.
Public classAutoConfigurableAttribute
When applied to a property in an ImageCommand, allows is to be an Auto Configurable.
Public classAutoCropCommand
Automatically crops an image by removing borders around the edge of an image with a solid color.
Public classChangePixelFormatCommand
Changes the image to a new PixelFormat.
Public classColormatchedMask
This class is used to get a mask image matching a specified color or contiguous pixels at a specified point.
Public classCropCommand
Creates a new image from a rectangular section in the source image.
Public classHistogram
Summary description for Histogram.
Public classImageAnalyzerT
The ImageAnalyzer class is a generic class to perform analysis on an image reducing it to a single type.
Public classImageCommand
Represents the base class for all image processing routines that modify image data.
Public classImageRegionCommand
Derives from ImageCommand and adds region of interest capability to ImageCommands.
Public classImageResults
This class is used to contain information generated during the processing of an ImageCommand.
Public classCode exampleLosslessJpeg
Summary description for LosslessJpeg.
Public classNoiseGenerator
Summary description for NoiseGenerator.
Public classCode exampleOverlayCommand
Summary description for tmpOverlay.
Public classCode exampleOverlayMaskedCommand
Overlay a specified image onto the source image using an 8-bit grayscale mask image to control the transparency of the overlay.
Public classCode exampleOverlayMergedCommand
Summary description for OverlayMergedCommand.
Public classCode exampleRegionOfInterest
This object can be passed into most ImageCommands to indicate a region of the image to process. Any shaped region can be used by specifying a Region object or a simple Rectangle.
Public classResampleColormappedToRgbCommand
Summary description for ResampleColormappedToRgbCommand.
Public classResampleCommand
Summary description for ResampleCommand.
Public classResampleMaskedCommand
Summary description for ResampleMaskedCommand.
Public classThreadedCommand
ThreadedCommand is a proxy command that will induce ImageCommands that support multithreading to run in on multiple threads.
Public classThumbnail
Summary description for Thumbnail.
Public interfaceIPropertiesAutoConfigurable
This interface when applied to an ImageCommand allowing the command to have properties that the algorithm will automatically determine based on image metrics.
Public interfaceIThreadableCommand
This interface is applied to an ImageCommand to support parallelization.
Public enumerationAlphaMergeType
When images are combined, the alpha channels may be merged in one of many ways as listed in this enumeration.
Public enumerationChannelFlags
Bit flags used by some methods to specify which channels to work with.
Public enumerationColorMatchMode
Specifies the type of colormatching to use when using FloodFillCommand.
Public enumerationDitheringMode
Specifies the dithering algorithm to use when converting an image to colormapped.
Public enumerationInterpolationMode
Specifies the interpolation to use with various image processing commands.
Public enumerationJpegTransformFlags
Public enumerationJpegTransformType
Public enumerationMergeOption
Image overlay merge options.
Public enumerationNoiseGeneratorMode
Specifies the type of noise.
Public enumerationResampleMethod
Specifies the type of resampling method to apply when using the %ResampleCommand%, %ResampleColormappedToRgbCommand% or the %Atalasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Document.ResampleDocumentCommand%.