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Atalasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Document Namespace

Namespace where all Advanced Document Cleanup Commands are located.
Public classAdaptiveThresholdCommand
An ImageCommand used to convert a grayscale or color image into black and white using a weighted thresholding technique.
Public classAdvancedBorderRemovalCommand
Automatically removes black borders from a bi-tonal image using a sophisticated object detection algorithm.
Public classAdvancedDocCleanException
Public classAutoBorderCropCommand
Crops black borders from the edges of a bi-tonal image.
Public classAutoBorderCropResults
Provides custom ImageResults for AutoBorderCropCommand.
Public classAutoDeskewCommand
The AutoDeskewCommand automatically deskews a binary image using %%company%%'s patent pending auto-deskew algorithm.
Public classAutoDeskewResults
This class represents the results of applying the AutoDeskewCommand on an image.
Public classAutoInvertTextCommand

Automatically inverts regions of text that are inverted (white on black) on a bi-tonal image.

Public classAutoNegateCommand
Inspects an bi-tonal image to determine if the image is negated. Will automatically invert the image if InvertWhenWhiteOnBlack.
Public classAutoNegateResults
Provides a custom ImageResults for the AutoNegateCommand.
Public classBinarizeCommand
Converts a grayscale or color image to black and white using one of the available Binarize methods.
Public classBlankPageDetectionCommand
Detect whether a given image (or a region of interest in the image) is blank.
Public classBlankPageDetectionResults
Provides a custom ImageResults for BlankPageDetectionCommand.
Public classBlobRemovalCommand
A generic object removal command for bi-tonal images.
Public classCode exampleBorderRemovalCommand
An ImageCommand that removes solid borders from document images.
Public classBorderRemovalResults
This class represents the results of applying the BorderRemovalCommand on an image.
Public classColorExtractionCommand
This command detects color regions from a color document resulting in an image with grayscale and bi-tonal areas masked with transparent alpha, and notification if the document contains any color.
Public classColorExtractionResults
Provides custom ImageResults for ColorExtractionCommand.
Public classDitherCommand

This command is used for converting color or gray images to black and white using halftoning techniques to simulate gray in the final image. This command operates best on photographic images.

Dithering is done using either Ordered Dithering or Floyd-Steinberg Error Diffusion dithering.

With Ordered Dithering, the dithering matrix is fully replaceable and can be made to simulate custom halftone screens.

Public classDocumentDespeckleCommand
The DocumentDespeckleCommand is useful for removing small isolated features in a bitonal image without eroding solid features. The most common use is as a despeckle filter for document images.
Public classDocumentHitOrMissCommand
Perform a hit-or-miss transformation on a binary image.
Public classDocumentMedianCommand
Applies a median filter to a binary image.
Public classDocumentPixelFormatChanger
This PixelFormatChanger is suited for document images and can be set to PixelFormatChanger.
Public classDocumentThinningCommand
Apply morphological thinning to a 1-bit image.
Public classDynamicThresholdCommand
Converts a multi-bit image (color or grayscale) to a single bit black and white image.
Public classGeometry
A member of Segment class, spatial information with collection of polgons is provided
Public classCode exampleGlobalThresholdCommand
An ImageCommand used to convert a grayscale or color image into black and white using a global thresholding technique.
Public classHalftone
Represents a halftone region in an image.
Public classHalftoneCollection
Represents a collection of Halftone objects.
Public classHalftoneRemovalCommand
Detects and removes shaded regions from bi-tonal images.
Public classHalftoneRemovalResults
Provides custom ImageResults for HalftoneRemovalCommand.
Public classHolePunch
Represents a single hole punch in an image.
Public classHolePunchCollection
Represents a collection of HolePunch objects.
Public classHolePunchRemovalCommand
Removes circular hole punch artifacts from an image.
Public classHolePunchRemovalResults
Provides custom ImageResults for HolePunchRemovalCommand.
Public classLine
Represents a single line in an image.
Public classLineCollection
Represents a collection of Line objects.
Public classLineRemovalCommand
This class removes horizontal and/or vertical lines in a bi-tonal image.
Public classLineRemovalResults
Provides custom ImageResults for LineRemovalCommand.
Public classMarginCropCommand
Crops excess white borders from a bi-tonal image.
Public classMarginCropResults
Provides custom ImageResults for MarginCropCommand.
Public classMorphoDocumentCommand
This class will perform a mathematical morphological operation to a binary image.
Public classOverlayMaskedDocumentCommand
Overlay an image using an alpha mask.
Public classResampleDocumentCommand
Resamples a binary image.
Public classSegment
This class is designed to store spatial and qualitative information of the results of the document image segmentation algorithm for document images.
Public classSegmentationCommand
Public classSegmentationResults
Public classSegmentCollection
Public classSegmentsLocatedEventArgs
Public classSimpleThresholdCommand
This command converts a continuous RGB or grayscale image to a 1-bit black and white image, given a threshold value.
Public classSpeckRemovalCommand
Removes specks of a specified size from a bi-tonal image.
Public interfaceIProcessSpeedConfig
Interface that when applied to a class is used to control the sampling factor useful in improving performance possibly at the expense of accuracy.
Public delegateOnSegmentsLocatedEventHandler
Public enumerationAutoDeskewCropMode
The crop mode to use in the AutoDeskewCommand.
Public enumerationBinarizeMethod
Lists the supported binarization methods used in the BinarizeCommand
Public enumerationBorderRemovalEdges
Specifies the edges to remove when using BorderRemovalCommand.
Public enumerationDitheringMethod
Specifies the technique used for dithering in a DitherCommand.
Public enumerationImageEdges
Indicates the edge of the image to inspect for commands such as HolePunchRemovalCommand.
Public enumerationLineOrientations
Controls the Line Orientation used in LineRemovalCommand.
Public enumerationMorphoDocumentMode
The type of morphological filter to use in the MorphoDocumentCommand.
Public enumerationResampleDocumentMethod
Specifies the resampling method to apply using the ResampleDocumentCommand.
Public enumerationRunSpeed
Defines the speed of processing at the expense of quality
Public enumerationSegmentType
Public enumerationThresholdMethod
Thresholding Method.