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Atalasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Filters Namespace

Public classAdaptiveUnsharpMaskCommand

Uses a powerful technique for sharpening images in the presence of low noise levels via an adaptive filtering algorithm.

Public classAddNoiseCommand
Add different types of noise to an image.
Public classBlurCommand

Applies a Blur filter onto an image.

Public classBlurGaussianCommand
Performs a Gaussian blur filter on the image. This has a more dispersed effect then the traditional blur filter, but slower.
Public classCode exampleCannyEdgeDetectorCommand
Find edges in an image using the Canny algorithm.
Public classColorizeCommand
This command can be used to replace the hue, saturation and luminance values in an image with those of a specified color.
Public classConvolutionFilterCommand
Applies a custom Convolution Filter to an image.
Public classConvolutionMatrixCommand
Applies a custom Convolution Matrix to an image.
Public classDespeckleCommand
This filter cleans the image by removing stray pixel spikes (speckles).
Public classDoubleMatrix
This object composes of a matrix of doubles that is used in various filters including ConvolutionFilterCommand and ConvolutionMatrixCommand.
Public classDustAndScratchRemovalCommand
This command is used to remove dust and scratch marks from an image.
Public classEdgeDetectionCommand
This filter enhances edges in an image.
Public classCode exampleEmbossCommand
Applies an embossing filter to the source image.
Public classHighPassCommand
Removes Low Frequency signals from an image.
Public classIntegerMatrix
This object composes of a matrix of integers that is used in various morphological and related filters.
Public classIntensifyCommand
Increases the color intensity as if a flash of light from a camera hit it.
Public classMaximumCommand

Sets each color value to the maximum value under the filter.

Public classMeanCommand

Applies an Arithmetic, Harmonic, Geometric, or Yp mean filter to an image.

Public classMedianCommand

Reduces noise in an image, similarly to the mean filter, however doing a better job preserving useful detail in the image.

Public classMidpointCommand

Find the average of minimum and maximum values under the filter.

Public classMinimumCommand

Find the minimum values under the filter.

Public classMorphoGrayCommand
Applies a morphological Erosion, Dilation, Open, Close, or TopHat to a grayscale image.
Public classSharpenCommand

Applies a traditional sharpening filter to the image.

Public classThresholdCommand
Set pixel components above a high threshold value to 255 and below a low threshold value to 0.
Public classUnsharpMaskCommand
The unsharp mask is a sharpening filter which derives its name from the fact that it enhances edges and other high frequency components in an image via a procedure which subtracts an unsharp, or gaussian blurred, version of an image from the original image. The unsharp mask filter is commonly used in the photographic and printing industries for crispening edges.
Public enumerationAdaptiveUnsharpQuality
Indicates the quality level in the %AdaptiveUnsharpMaskCommand%.
Public enumerationAddNoiseFilterType
The type of noise to add to an image.
Public enumerationEdgeDetectionDirection
Specifies the direction of the edge detection
Public enumerationEdgeDetectionType
Specified the type of the edge detection.
Public enumerationEmbossMethod Obsolete.

The type of Emboss method to use in the EmbossCommand

Public enumerationMeanFilterType
Various types of MeanFilter.
Public enumerationMorphoGrayMode
The type of morphological filter to use in the MorphoGrayCommand.