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Atalasoft.Imaging.ImageProcessing.Transforms Namespace

Public classCode exampleBumpMapTransform

This transform applies a bump map texture to an image.

Public classEllipticalTransform
Rounds the image into an ellipse or sphere.
Public classFlipCommand
Flips an image horizontally or vertically.
Public classCode exampleLensTransform

Used to create a zoomed camera lens effect.

Public classLineSliceTransform

This transform produces a center-shift transform which runs from one side of the image to the other, in a straight line.

Public classMarbleTransform
This transform creates a marbled, wavy, glassy, rippled effect.
Public classCode exampleOffsetTransform
Moves the image on the canvas by a specified number of pixels.
Public classPerlinTransform

This effect is similar to the marble transform, but the image tends to break up less.

Public classPinchTransform

This transform attracts pixels towards the center of the image.

Public classPolygonTransform

This transform resizes image rows (or columns) to fit inside the specified polygon. This polygon must be convex. If it is concave, the largest convex polygon that can be formed from the points will be used.

Public classPushCommand
Perform a point to point warp of an image, creating a smear effect.
Public classCode exampleQuadrilateralWarpCommand

Similar to the PolygonTransform, this transform additionally lets you specify a source polygon to allow further control over the warping of the image.

Public classRandomTransform

This transform randomly modifies the pixels of an image.

Public classCode exampleResizeCanvasCommand
Overlays the current image onto a specified position on a new image of the specified background color.
Public classRippleTransform

Creates a water ripple effect on the image.

Public classRotateCommand

This will rotate an image clockwise by the specified number of degrees.

Public classSkewCommand

Using this command you can shift the top, bottom, left or right side of an image independently.

Public classSpinTransform

This transform will rotate the image about the center with a constant angular distance.

Public classSpinWaveTransform

A SpinWaveTransform rotates the image about the center with a variable angular distance. The distance varies in a sine wave pattern.

Public classTransform

A base class that is used for transforms.

Public classCode exampleTransformChainCommand

This command allows you to combine multiple transforms into a single command call.

Public classCode exampleUserTransform

This allows you to write your own transform methods and add them to the transform chain, just like the built-in transforms. To do this, you must supply a UserTransformCallback.

Public classUserTransformData
This class is used in the UserTransformCallback to indicate the pixel locations of the transform.
Public classWaveTransform

This transform moves across the image with a sine wave pattern.

Public classWowTransform

This transform creates an effect which is a bit like looking at the image though a clear sphere. If you set BigWow to true, the result looks as if you're inside the sphere.

Public classZigZagTransform

This transform moves across the images in a triangle wave pattern.

Public delegateCode exampleUserTransformCallback
Callback method for the UserTransform object.
Public enumerationCompressTransformMode
Enumeration used by EllipticalTransform and PolygonTransform.
Public enumerationOffsetTransformMode
Enumeration used by OffsetTransform.
Public enumerationRippleTransformMode
Enumeration used by RippleTransform.
Public enumerationSkewDirection
Enumeration used by SkewCommand.
Public enumerationWaveTransformMode
Enumeration used by WaveTransform.