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Atalasoft.Imaging.ImageSources Namespace

Public classCode exampleDbImageSource
A DbImageSource is a sub-class of ImageSource that allows you read-only access to images stored in a database.
Public classImageSourceStreamInfo
Objects of this type are returned by IImageStreamSource.GetImageStream(int index). They contain a stream that has the requested image and the frame within that stream that maps to the image index that was requested.
Public classMergedImageSource
MergedImageSource is a variety of RandomAccessImageSource that can combine any number of other RandomAccessImageSource objects.
Public classPdfImageSource
Public interfaceIDbImageAccessor
An interface containing methods necessary for getting to the underlying data store
Public interfaceIImageStreamSource
Implement this interface in any ImageSource implementations if you can provide a stream with the image instead of the image itself. This is useful if the caller needs information about the image (e.g. height and width) or wants to make a thumbnail or a tile from it and doesn't need all of the image data to do it.
Public delegateDbImageSourceDecryptor
A delegate to decrypt data back into a string (for use with connection string serialization)
Public delegateDbImageSourceEncryptor
A delegate to encrypt a string (for use with connection string serialization)
Public delegateDbImageSourceFrameCounter
A delegate to help count frames in a Stream