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Atalasoft.Imaging.ImageSources.Data Namespace

Public classDbCommandImageAccessor
A class that can get images by using IDbCommands. You can either sub-class this class and implement the abstract methods to provide the various commands, or DbSqlImageAccessor, which builds up commands from SQL, or DbStoredProcImageAccessor, which builds up commands from Stored Procedures.
Public classDbSqlImageAccessor
This class can access images for DbImageSource from clauses of SQL statements that are provided.
Public classDbStoredProcImageAccessor
This class can be used with IDbImageSource to get images from a database through Stored Procedures. The Stored Procedures to call can be specified in the constructor and the only requirement is that they meet certain specifications as described in the constructor parameter documentation.
Protected delegateDbCommandImageAccessorFieldGetter
Public delegateDecryptHandler
A delegate to decrypt data back into a string (for use with serialization)
Public delegateEncryptHandler
A delegate to encrypt a string (for use with serialization)
Public delegateGetConnectionCallback
A delegate that can return connections to a Database