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Atalasoft.Imaging.Memory Namespace

Public classBitmapPixelMemory
This is a concrete implementation of PixelMemory implemented using a Bitmap object as the owner of the memory.
Public classGlobalAllocPixelMemory
Represents a PixelMemory object with memory allocated by GlobalAlloc.
Public classManagedPixelMemory
Constructs a new PiixelMemory object using memory from the managed heap for the image.
Public classMemoryUseEventArgs
This class is used by all memory handling events.
Public classPixelAccessor
This is an abstract object that is used to get direct access to the pixels of an image.
Public classPixelMemory
PixelMemory is an abstract class that defines how an image's pixels are represented in memory, how they are allocated, deallocated, and accessed.
Public classCode examplePixelMemoryFactory
PixelMemoryFactory is a singleton object that is used for allocating all image memory in dotImage. The object is accessed through the static Factory property.
Public classCode examplePixelMemoryFactoryParameters
This class is used to control how PixelMemory is allocated by the PixelMemoryFactory
Public classCode examplePixelMemoryLocker
PixelMemoryLocker is a utility class to help manage the locking and unlocking of memory. By constructing a PixelMemoryLocker object in a using block, PixelMemory will be automatically locked on entrance and exit of the block.
Public classPixelMemoryTracker
This is a singleton class that is used for tracking memory used by images.
Public classResidentPixelMemory
This is a class used to represent PixelMemory that is resident and for which allocation and deallocation are controlled.
Public interfaceIArrayScanline
An interface applied to PixelMemory objects that represent their image in an array.
Public interfaceIContiguous
An adornment interface with no members. It is applied to PixelMemory variants that have contiguous allocation.
Public interfaceIDirectScanlineAccess
This interface is used for defining flavors of PixelMemory that allow direct access to scanlines.
Public delegateMemoryUseEventHandler
This delegate defines the type that is used for all PixelMemoryTracker events.
Public delegatePixelMemoryAllocator
This delegate is used to define a method to allocate pixel memory.