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Atalasoft.Imaging.Metadata Namespace

Public classComTextCollection

Contains a collection of COM text tags and methods to access COM Text data from an image.

Public classCode exampleComTextParser
Parses COM Markers from a JPEG or PNG image into a collection of COM Text tags.
Public classComTextTag
Contains the data for a specified COM Text tag including the key and text.
Public classExifCollection

Contains a collection of EXIF tags.

Public classCode exampleExifParser
Parses EXIF data from JPEG or TIFF images into a collection of EXIF tags.
Public classExifTag
Represents an Exif tag including tag-ID, IFD, value, and description.
Public classImageMetadataException
This exception is thrown when an error with image metadata is detected
Public classIptcCollection

Contains a collection of IPTC tags.

Public classCode exampleIptcParser
Parses IPTC data from JPEG or TIFF images into a collection of IPTC tags.
Public classIptcTag
Contains the data of this IPTC tag including ID, index, section, and value.
Public classJpegMarker
The JpegMarker is an object that stores information from JPEG images
Public classJpegMarkerCollection

Contains a collection of JpegMarkers and methods to access JpegMarker data.

Public classPhotoshopResource
Contains the data of a Photoshop Resource including ID, Data, and Description.
Public classPhotoshopResourceCollection

Contains a collection of Photoshop resources.

Public classCode examplePhotoshopResourceParser
Parses Photoshop resources from JPEG, TIFF, and PSD images into a collection of PhotoshopResources.
Public classTiffTag
Holds the data of a single TIFF Tag.
Public classTiffTagCollection

Contains a collection of TIFF tags, used tor writing TIFF Tags to an image when saving.

Public classCode exampleXmpParser
The XmpParser class can extract XMP Binary data from an image, and parse it into XML content.
Public structureRational
A fractional value used to represent certain TIFF and EXIF tags.
Public enumerationExifTagID
Enumeration of known Exif tag ID's.
Public enumerationExifTagIfd
Contains an enumeration of standard Exif Ifd's.
Public enumerationJpegMarkerCopyFlags
Flag enumeration used with [M:CopyJpegWithNewMarkers].
Public enumerationJpegMarkerTypes
Defines the types of Jpeg Markers that can be saved as a data chunk inside a Jpeg image.
Public enumerationTiffTagDataType
Enumeration of TIFF Tag data types
Public enumerationTiffTagID
Standard Tiff Tags that can be read from a TIFF file.