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Atalasoft.Imaging.Silverlight Namespace

This namespace contains classes used server-side for processing requests sent from the SilverlightImageViewer.
Public classDownloadCredentialEventArgs
This class is used with the DownloadCredentials event to allow any custom credentials to be supplied.
Public classSaveCompletedEventArgs
This class contains information for a server-side save operation.
Public classServerFileImageSource
This class provides an ImageSource for cached server files.
Public classServerFileInformation
This structure is used to hold information for a file that was opened in the SilverlightImageViewer.
Public classServerFileLocations
This class helps to centralize the location and name of files.
Public classServerFileReloader
This class is used with the ServerFileImageSource to reload previously loaded images.
Public classCode exampleSilverlightRemoteInvokeArguments
This class contains information passed to a remote invoke method.
Public classCode exampleSilverlightWebHandler

The SilverlightWebHandleris used to handle notifications sent from the SilverlightImageViewer.

To use this control, drop it on the web page containing the Silverlight application you have created that uses the SilverlightImageViewer. This is a hidden control which outputs a simple JavaScript function at runtime for the SilverlightImageViewer to use for web requests.

Public classSilverlightWebRequest
This class provides information for a request sent from the SilverlightImageViewer and sends it to the OnSilverlightWebRequest(SilverlightWebRequest) method.
Public enumerationCacheImageFormat
Defines the type of image saved into the image cache.