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Atalasoft.Imaging.WebControls.Annotations Namespace

Public classAnnotationCreatedEventArgs
This class is used to with the AnnotationCreated event.
Public classWebAnnotationController
The WebAnnotationController mimics specific behaviors of the AnnotationController for use from with ASP.NET. It contains a LayerCollection for any number of LayerAnnotation objects, each containing any number of annotations.
Public classWebAnnotationViewer
This control derives from DotImage WebImageViewer and contains a reference to an WebAnnotationController. Drop this control onto a web form to start creating annotations.
Public classWebCommentUIFactory
The WebComment IAnnotationUIFactory implementation.
Public classWebPdfLinkUIFactory
The WebPdfLink IAnnotationUIFactory implementation.
Public delegateAnnotationCreatedEventHandler
This event handler is used with the AnnotationCreated event to process created AnnotationData objects.
Public enumerationAuthorMode
Specifies the how many annotations can be created while using InteractMode.Author
Public enumerationWebAnnotationInteractMode
Specifies the user interaction mode for the WebAnnotationViewer.