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Atalasoft.Imaging.WebControls.Capture.Cmis Namespace

Public classACLEntryTypeGenerator
The ACLEntryTypeGenerator contains methods to create CMIS ACL control entry types, and properties.
Public classACLEntryTypeGeneratorAclPermissions
A static class that has three string constants that represent the ACL permission level.
Public classCmisConnector
A class to create instances of the CMIS service clients.
Public classCmisPropertyIds
A static class for dealing with CMIS object properties.
Public classContentStream
A static class to make working with CMIS a little easier by putting some of the necessary bits for creatign object service content streams in one place.
Public classContentStreamMimeType
Just a simple class that returns a string representing a MIME type that CMIS wants for a given document to be turned into a content stream.