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Atalasoft.Imaging.Wpf Namespace

Public classCode exampleAtalaImageViewer

The AtalaImageViewer is an image viewer with automatic zooming and mouse tool capabilities.

The viewer takes advantage of DotImage codecs to Open(String, Int32, ProgressEventHandler) and Save(String, ImageEncoder, ProgressEventHandler) images and image commands can be applied to the image using the ApplyCommand(ImageCommand) method. The viewer contains a Source property for a BitmapSource object, making its use in WPF straight forward.

Public classAtalaObservableDictionaryTKey, TValue
Represents an observable collection of keys and values.
Public classImageChangedEventArgs
This class is used with the ImageEventHandler.
Public classImagePixelEventArgs
This class is used by the MouseMovePixel event.
Public classCode exampleMagnifierMouseTool
This tool is used to provide a magnified area of the image. Use this class by setting the AtalaViewer.MouseTool property to an instance of the MagnifierMouseTool class.
Public classMouseTool
This is an abstract class from which all mouse tools must derive.
Public classMouseWheelZoomEventArgs
Represents an event that files when a mouse wheel action results in a zoom in or zoom out.
Public classCode examplePanningMouseTool
The PanningMouseTool is used give end-users the ability to drag an image around the viewport with the mouse.
Public classCode exampleSelectionMouseTool

The SelectionMouseTool provides the ability for end-users to select an area of the image for processing.

The tool can be animated using the built-in animation feature or by providing custom animation. A masked selection feature is provided which (by default) will darken the image except for the selected area. This effect can be modified by setting the MaskedImageCommand property.

Public classSelectionMouseToolChangedEventArgs
This class is used by the SelectionChanged and SelectionChanging events.
Public classCode exampleWpfConverter
This is a static class used to convert an AtalaImage to a BitmapSource and back.
Public classCode exampleZoomMouseTool
This tool is used to zoom in and out of an image by either clicking a mouse button or selecting an area of the image which will be zoomed to fit in the viewer.
Public enumerationAspectRatioMode
Describes the action taken when the AspectRatio property of a SelectionMouseTool is used and the user drags one of the corner grips.
Public enumerationAutoZoomMode
Describes the type of automatic zooming to perform on the image.
Public enumerationMouseToolBehavior
Describes the way a selection is created by the user.
Public enumerationMouseWheelMode
Defines how the mouse wheel will act in the control
Public enumerationResolutionScaleMode
Defines the scaling mode applied when an image has different X and Y resolution values.
Public enumerationSelectionMouseToolType
Describes the type of selection that will be drawn.
Public enumerationZoomToolMode
Describes the action taken by a button press.