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Atalasoft.Isis Namespace

Classing that is required to scan using ISIS scanners.
Public classIsisAcquisition
This is the main class for image acquisitions with ISIS devices. Use this class by itself for standard acquires, or use it to get an IsisDevice object for more control over the acquire operation. For low level access to ISIS drivers, use the IsisController object.
Public classIsisBarcodeDetectedEventArgs
Contains information about detected barcode.
Public classIsisBarcodeSettings
Represents Isis barcode settings.
Public classIsisCodec
The class represents the codec driver required to compress/decompress image data.
Public classIsisCodecManager
The list of ISIS codecs available on the system.
Public classIsisController
The IsisController class allows for lower level access to ISIS drivers, providing greater control over the acquisition and access to custom device properties.
Public classIsisCustomBrightnessContrast
Represents brightness/contrast value.
Public classIsisDataAcquiredEventArgs
Contains information about acquired image data.
Public classIsisDevice
Represents ISIS device.
Public classIsisDeviceCollection
Represents the list of ISIS devices installed on the system.
Public classIsisDocumentFeeder
Represents feeder related configuration values.
Public classIsisErrorNotificationEventArgs
Contains information about the acquired error.
Public classIsisException
Represents ISIS exception.
Public classIsisFileAcquisitionEventArgs
Contains information about acquired file.
Public classIsisImageAcquiredEventArgs
Contains information about the image just acquired.
Public classIsisImageAcquiringEventArgs
Contains information about acquiring image.
Public classIsisSettingData
Represents settings data.
Public classIsisSettingDataManager
The data manager that allows to read and write ISIS settings to file or stream in XML format.
Public classIsisSettings
Represents ISIS device settings.
Public classUnsupportedImageFormatException
Thrown when an unsupported image format is passed in from the device.
Public classUnsupportedSettingException
Thrown in case of unsupported settings.
Public interfaceISettingDataManager
Describes an interface for the classes that may read and write IsisSettingData.
Public delegateIsisBarcodeDetectedEventHandler
This event handler is used to notify the application when a barcode is detected.
Public delegateIsisDataAcquiredEventHandler
This event handler is used to notify the application when image data is acquired.
Public delegateIsisErrorNotificationEventHandler
This event handler is used to notify the application when error is appeared.
Public delegateIsisFileAcquisitionEventHandler
This event handler is used to notify the application about file acquisition.
Public delegateIsisImageAcquiredEventHandler
This event handler is used to notify the application when an image has been acquired.
Public delegateIsisImageAcquiringEventHandler
This event handler is used to notify the application when an image is acquiring.
Public enumerationIsisAcquiredImageType
Image types to scan to.
Public enumerationIsisBarcodeEmphasis
The types of weak barcodes to enhance.
Public enumerationIsisBarcodeImageQuality
The value that describe quality of image from which barcodes will be read.
Public enumerationIsisBarcodeSearchDirection
Available barcode direction values.
Public enumerationIsisBarcodeSearchMode
Available barcode serach modes.
Public enumerationIsisBarcodeSupport
Available barcode detection settings.
Public enumerationIsisBarcodeType
Available barcode types.
Public enumerationIsisBrightness
Available brightness values.
Public enumerationIsisCompression
Available compression values.
Public enumerationIsisEmphasis
Available emphasis settings.
Public enumerationIsisFileType
Available file types for ISIS.
Public enumerationIsisJobSeparatorDetection
Available job separator values.
Public enumerationIsisOrientation
Types of orientations valid for ISIS.
Public enumerationIsisPhotometric
Available photometric values.
Public enumerationIsisPixelFormat
Available ISIS pixel formats.
Public enumerationIsisPlanarConfiguration
Available planar configuration values.
Public enumerationIsisResolutionUnit
Available resolution units for ISIS
Public enumerationIsisScanType
Available scan types.
Public enumerationIsisSetting
Available settings for ISIS.
Public enumerationIsisSettingType
Available setting types for ISIS
Public enumerationIsisState
Available states for ISIS