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Atalasoft.PdfDoc.Actions Namespace

Public classAnnotationAdditionalActions
Represents a set of actions that are available to annotations on particular events. These actions allow the creation of interactive PDF documents.
Public classDocumentAdditionalActions
Represents a collection of sets of actions to taken at the document event level. Note that these events are to be carried out by a PDF viewing application, not by the PdfGeneratedDocument class.
Public classCode examplePageAdditionalActions
PageAdditionalActions represent a set of actions that are performed when a page has been either opened or closed. Opening or closing a page within a PDF viewer navigates to or away from a viewable page. The PDF specification is not clear as to what will happen when a viewer supports showing multiple pages at once. When going from page to page, the OnPageClosed actions on the current page will happen before the OnPageOpened actions on the subsequent page.
Adding a sound to play when a page has been opened.
public void AddSoundToPageOpened(PdfGeneratedPage page, PdfSoundAction openSound)
Public classPdfAnnotationIdentifier
This class is used to represent a reference to an annotation or form field that exists somewhere in a PDF document.
Public classPdfJavaScriptActionList
A specialized collection for JavaScript only actions
Public classPdfJavaScriptActionListCollection
This is a collection of JavaScriptActionLists that are used within a PDF when a document is opened. Upon opening, all scripts within this collection will be executed in string order of the keys. The keys themselves are unimportant and are not used for anything beyond the order of execution. The intent of this collection is to define JavaScript elements that may be used elsewhere in the document.
Public classPdfNamedAction
PdfNamedAction is a PdfAction class that is used for causing specific behaviors to occur in the PDF viewer. The PDF specification defines a number of standard navigation named actions that are to be implemented in all PDF viewers, but any named action could be defined. The standard names are: NextPageGo to the next page in the document (if there is one)PrevPageGo to the previous page in the document (if there is one)FirstPageGo to the first page in the documentLastPageGo to the last page in the document The advantage to using PdfNamedAction instead of PdfGoToViewAction is that the named actions aren't tied to a particular page so if, for example, a PushButtonWidgetAnnotation labeled "Next" has a "NextPage" action, the widget will always work correctly no matter how the pages have been ordered. This allows an author to easily put navigation buttons on pages for reading or for skipping to, say, a contents page at the beginning or an index page at the end.
Public classPdfResetFormAction
This class represents an action which will cause a PdfForm object (if any) within a PDF document to have either all or a subset of fields within it to be reset to their default values.
Public classPdfShowHideAction
PdfShowHideAction is an action that is used to show or hide one or more annotations or fields on a page.
Public classPdfSoundAction
Represents an action that will cause a sound to be played.
Public classPdfSubmitFormAction
PdfSubmitFormActions represents an action to cause the form elements in a document to be sent to a server for processing.