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Atalasoft.PdfDoc.DigitalSignatures Namespace

Public classBaseDocumentCertification
The BaseDocumentCertification class represents the common information necessary for placing a certification signature on a PDF document. A certification signature is an indication that the document is as it was intended to be at the time it was signed. A signer may control the changes that may be made to the document after certification.

The certification may be visible or not. If visible, the parameters that control the appearance are in the specific subclasses used in PdfDocument and PdfGeneratedDocument

Public classBaseSignature
A base class that represents common elements of all digital signatures and certifications
Public classCmsInformation
This class represents the CMS information used to sign a PDF document.
Public classPdfCertification
This class represents the certification information for a signed PDF. The certification is represented by a CmsInformation object, although in the future it may be represented by other types.
Public classPdfDocumentCertification
The PdfDocumentCertification class is a subclass of BaseDocumentCertification used specifically for certifying documents created by the PdfDocument object.
Public classCode examplePdfDocumentSignature
The PdfDocumentSignature class represents the data needed for applying a digital signature to an existing SignatureWidgetAnnotation object in a PdfDocument. This means that the SignatureWidgetAnnotation must already exist in the PagesOfAnnotations property in the PdfDocumentSigner either because it was pre-existing in the original document or that the document allowed it to be added.
Public classPdfDocumentSignatureInformation
PdfDocumentSignatureInformation is a class that contains information that was retrieved from an existing signed or certified PDF document.
Public classPdfDocumentSigner
PdfDocumentSigner is a class that is responsible for getting information about DigitalSignatures within a PDF document and applying signatures to a PDF document.
Public classPdfGeneratedDocumentCertification
The PdfGeneratedDocumentCertification class is a subclass of the BaseDocumentCertification class which is used specifically to control the appearance of signatures in a PdfGeneratedDocument object.
Public classPdfSignatureInformation
This is an information class that represents the data associated with a digital signature applied to a PDF document.
Public classSignatureValidationError
Represents an error while validating digital signatures
Public enumerationDocumentMDPAllowedChanges
Describes changes allowed to a certified document.
Public enumerationFieldDisallowChangeAction
When a document is signed, this enum determines whether or not all fields or a subset of of fields will be locked for changes.
Public enumerationPdfContentDigestMethod
When a document is signed, this enum determines the hashing algorithm that is used to create the detached message digest that will embedded in the file.
Public enumerationSignatureValidationErrorSeverity
Describes the severity of an error that occurred while validating a PDF digital signature
Public enumerationUnsupportedContentDigestAlgorithmAction
Defines the action to be taken when the contentdigest algorithm is not supported.