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Atalasoft.PdfDoc.Generating Namespace

Public classOpaquePageInformer
When a page from a PDF document can't be imported for some reason, this class can report the reason for the failure if it is available.
Public classPdfColorFactory
A factory class to create PdfColors from their channel components.
Public classPdfDefaultPages
A collection of default pages for use in the PdfGeneratedDocument object
Public classCode examplePdfGeneratedDocument
The PdfGeneratedDocument object is designed to create documents using the Pdf Generating Tools.
Public classPdfGeneratedPage
A BasePage object which contains functionality to create Pdf. Use this class when trying to programmatically generate pdf pages.
Public interfaceIPdfCmykColor
The interface for CMYK colors in Pdf.
Public interfaceIPdfColor
A container interface used to carry color objects in collections. Do not use this interface unless you are simply moving a more specific color object to another object.
Public interfaceIPdfGrayColor
The interface for Gray based colors in Pdf
Public interfaceIPdfRgbColor
The interface for RGB color in Pdf
Public enumerationPdfColorSpaceType
The available color spaces in pdf