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Atalasoft.PdfDoc.Generating.Rendering Namespace

Public classDocumentRenderer
The DocumentRenderer class is an abstract class that defines how a PdfGeneratedDocument is rendered into some other form. DocumentRenderer defines the process of rendering, but doesn't define the actual steps. In this way one concrete instance of DocumentRenderer could create a PDF file from a PdfGeneratedDocument and another could create a WPF approximation of a single page within a PdfGeneratedDocument, but both renderers could be treated the same in client code.
Public classPdfDrawingList
PdfDrawing list is a container class used to hold a collection of IPdfRenderable. PdfDrawingList is itself IPdfRenderable allowing nesting or structural grouping of Pdf content generating objects.
Public classPdfDrawingSurface
PdfDrawingSurface is an abstract class that defines the drawing operations that can be performed on PDF page or other PDF content item. In this model, there is a notion of current path. A path a set of possibly disjoint lines or curves. A path or any of its sub paths may be closed open. An existing path may have more paths added to it. When any of the painting operations are performed, the current path will be cleared - unless the user performs a GSave operation in the containing PdfPageRenderer object before painting. Paths may be stroked, painted, painted and stroked, or clipped. Clipping is cumulative. Clipping to a path can only reduce the current clipping region or keep it the same size. Use GSave/GRestore to make temporary changes to the clipping region. In addition, a tranformation matrix may be applied to the drawing surface that will be incorporated into the current transformation. Transformations are cumulative and will affect all subsequent drawing unless managed with a GSave/Grestore operation. Before any operations can be performed on a PdfDrawingSurface, client code is required to call Begin. Client code should also call End when done. Begin and End are very efficient operations.
Public classPdfLineStyle
Represents all the elements that defines the style of stoked lines in PDF content.
Public classPdfPageRenderer
PdfPageRenderer is an abstract class that represents mechanisms for generating or rendering PDF content from a PdfGenerated page.
Public classPdfPathOperation
PdfPathOperation is a class that represents actions taken to create a path and the encapsulated data. PdfPathOperation objects are not constructed directly, but are instead made through static factory methods or through convenience methods in higher level shape objects such as PdfPath.
Public classCode examplePdfRenderer
PdfRenderer is a concrete implementation of the DocumentRenderer class. It is responsible for creating PDF files/streams from PdfGeneratedDocument objects. Most client applications concerned with creating PDF files will either use this class or the Save method in PdfGeneratedDocument (which in turns uses PdfRenderer).
Public classPdfTextAppearance
PdfTextAppearance represents the general characteristics of text on page, including font name, size, character spacing, leading, and so on.
Public classPdfTextSurface
PdfTextSurface is used to add Text objects to the pdf display list.
Public classRenderProgressEventArgs
This class represents information about progress made during PDF Rendering.
Public interfaceIOpaqueDrawingList
This interface is meant to denote drawing lists that were imported from existing PDF content that could not be translated into IPdfRenderable objects. Opaque drawing lists may be removed from their page or reordered within the list, but they cannot be put into any other list.
Public interfaceIPdfRenderable
Represents objects that can generate PDF document content,
Public interfaceIPdfRenderableContainer
This interface is used for certain classes of rendering objects that may need to do meta-rendering. In such cases, an object should implement IPdfRenderableContainer. When it is rendered, it first have PreRender called, then Render, then PostRender. An object may not implement IPdfRenderableContainer alone. It must also implement IPdfRenderable. For example, PdfMarkedContent is a container of other renderer content and does no rendering of its own. Instead, on PreRender it informs the renderer that marked content will follow. The renderer will automatically pick up its DrawingList (since PdfMarkedContent also implements IEumerable<IPdfRenderable>) and render its contents, then on PostRender, it will inform the renderer that marked content is complete.
Public enumerationPathAction
PathAction describes elements that are used in describing a path or subpath
Public enumerationPdfFillMethod
Defines how a path in PDF page content will be filled.
Public enumerationPdfLineCapStyle
Represents the way that ends of stroked paths will look.
Public enumerationPdfLineJoinStyle
Represents how transitions in segments in path will look.