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Atalasoft.PdfDoc.Generating.ResourceHandling Namespace

Public classGlobalResources
This class represents resources that will be used globally through one or more PDF documents being Generated.
Public classPdfResource
PdfResource is a base class for all document resources used in Generating PDF documents. These resource include fonts, images, page content templates, and color space definitions. Resources can represent large amounts of data that may be used by multiple pages within a document. By referring to them indirectly through resource managers allows the resources to be shared within the document. The PDF Generating toolkit defines the resource types and managers for each. Client code will never need to define its own resource types. PdfResource on its own is never used except to define base capabilities and to create collection classes.
Public classPdfResourceManagerT
PdfResourceManager is a generic type that is used for defining the base capabilities and implementations of all classes of resource manager. Specific implementations of PdfResourceManager are defined in the PDF Generating toolkit and need not be created by client code. Resources are referred to by a string name. The actual name itself is not important and will not appear directly in any produced PDF. The name is used to distinguish one resource from another. Clients may choose any name they wish as long as different resources of the same type have different names.
Public interfaceIPdfResourceConsumer
An interface to prevent renaming conflict disconnects when a resource changes names.
Public delegateGlobalResourcesMergeRenameNotifier
An event delegate used for alerting about successful merge renames.
Public enumerationPdfResourceClass
A PdfResource designation class
Public enumerationResourceSelection
The handler for duplicate entries coming into the ResourceManager