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Atalasoft.PdfDoc.Generating.ResourceHandling.Images Namespace

Public classGdiImageCompressor
A compressor for Gdi Images
Public classGdiImageCompressorBitmapImageDataProvider
The provider for bitmap image data
Public classMemoryStreamProvider
A stream for handling images from a MemoryStream
Public classPdfCCITTGroup4ImageCompression
The settings class for CCITT (group 4) compression
Public classPdfCompressedImageStreamProvider
Used to decompress image streams from existing pdf into PdfImageResource
Public classPdfDctImageCodecDetails
The settings for Dct encoded images in generated pdfs
Public classPdfDctImageCompression
The compression settings for Dct compression
Public classPdfFlateImageCompression
Settings for Flate Compression
Public classPdfImageCodecDetails
A class to hold codec details
Public classPdfImageColorSpaceInfo
PdfImageColorSpaceInfo is a class that is used to describe the color representation of an image in a PDF document. This includes the color space of the image (red, green, blue for example) as well as the number of channels in the image and an optional associated color space resource for associating calibrated colors with the image. This class is constructed for client code during the process of converting an image into an image resource and there is no reason to construct it directly.
Public classPdfImageCompression
An object used to set the image compression used in an image resource.
Public classPdfImageInformation
Information about a pdf image
Public classPdfImageManager
The resource manager for images
Public classPdfImageResource
A resource for pdf creation that is an image.
Public classPdfJbig2ImageCompression
The Jbig2 settings for pdf images
Public classPdfJpxImageCodecDetails
The settings for the pdf jpeg2000 codec
Public classPdfJpxImageCompression
The settings for Jpeg2000 image compression for a PdfImageResource
Public classPdfLzwImageCompression
The settings for Lzw compression
Public classPdfNoneImageCompression
The settings for no compression
Public classPdfRunLengthImageCompression
The settings for run length image compression
Public classStoredStream
A temporary stream to store inner resources.
Public classTempFileStreamProvider
A stream provider for temporary files
Public interfaceIPdfImageCompressor
An interface for compressing pdf images
Public interfaceIStoredStreamProvider
An interface used for generating streams from stored locations
Public delegatePdfImageCompressionSelector
The event delegate that is called when it is time to select image compression
Public enumerationImageHandlingSkill
The style of image handling to use