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Atalasoft.PdfDoc.Generating.Shapes Namespace

Public classAddRemoveEventArgsT
This object represents the information provided on an Add or Remove event to an ObservableList.
Public classCode exampleDynamicPdfTextBox
DynamicPdfTextBox is a text shape that is used to take a variable amount of space. By providing a maximum height and maximum width and the text instructions, the DynamicPdfTextBox will provide the minimum amount of space required to display the information through its MinimumBounds property.
Public classGRestore
A displaylist level GRestore operation for generating pdf
Public classGSave
A drawinglist level call to GSave
Public classObservableListT
Represents a list that generates events when objects are being added or removed. Hooking into the ItemChanged event will allow an application to observe when an item has been added or removed. On a set operation through the array accessor both a remove and add event are fired.
Public classCode examplePdfArc
A Shape class for PdfGeneratedDocuments which draws Arcs, Chords and Pie segments.
Public classCode examplePdfBaseShape
A base class for any repeatable composite drawing action. To use this class inherit from PdfBaseShape then override the CloneInstance and DrawShape methods to get the PdfPageRenderer object.
Public classPdfBaseTextShape
The base class for making pdf text shapes. It provides the basic settings to control fonts and transformations automatically.
Public classCode examplePdfCircle
A PdfBaseShape overload which draws a circle based on a center point and a radius.
Public classCode examplePdfClippedTextLine
A pdf text object which writes text and clips to a rectangle. This object is best used to make spreadsheet like trimming of long strings to fit into a cell of a table.
Public classPdfImageShape
The shape used to place an image on a page
Public classCode examplePdfMarkedContent
PdfMarkedContent represents an area within drawing on a PDF page or in a DrawingTemplate that is marked as having special meaning. For example, certain classes of annotations that have customized appearances use "marked content" to set aside an area that reserved for customizable or user-entered text.
Public classCode examplePdfPath
A PdfBaseShape that contains a series of operations to define a custom drawing.
Public classCode examplePdfRectangle
A PdfBaseShape to draw a Rectangle.
Public classCode examplePdfRoundedRectangle
A PdfBaseShape for making RoundedRectangles
Public classCode examplePdfStyledTextBox
An object to output styled text to a PdfGeneratedDocument.
Public classCode examplePdfTable
An object to output object data in a table format to a PdfGeneratedDocument.
Public classPdfTableColumn
Used to define the columns for the PdfTable
Public classPdfTableColumnCollection
Collection of table columns, added methods to calculate widths and clone the column collection
Public classPdfTemplateShape
The shape used to place an image on a page
Public classCode examplePdfTextBox
A simple pdf text box.
Public classCode examplePdfTextLine
The PdfTextLine is a Shape object that can be added to a PdfGeneratedDocument.DisplayList. It provides an interface to write a single line of text at a specified location.
Public classCode examplePdfTextPath
A PdfBaseShape to perform complex custom direction text writing
Public classPdfTextStyle
An object used to provide a text style to a pdf text object.
Public classPostnetBarcodeShape
The shape for drawing Postnet style barcodes.
Public classShapeUtilities
A utility class for objects that Override PdfBaseShape
Public classStyleTextInput
An object used to provide styled text to pdf text objects that can handle style changes.
Public classTransform
Transform represents an Affine transform in PDF page. It wraps a PdfTransform object and will apply it upon render. Client code should avoid injecting transformations that have no inverse (Scale with 0 in either or both X and Y), as it creates a degenrate transform that can only be undone with a GRestore to a prior GSave. Since this has other side effects (changing clipping, line thickness and so on), it is not good practice.
Public interfaceIPdfTextContainer
An interface for shapes that contain text.
Public enumerationPathTextStyle
The style of how the text is broken to apply to the path.
Public enumerationPdfTableBorderStyle
Border style options available for the PdfTable. To be used to set the PdfTable.BorderStyle property.
Public enumerationPdfTextAlignment
An enum to represent text alignment styles