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Atalasoft.PdfDoc.Generating.Templates Namespace

Public classCode exampleDrawingTemplate
A DrawingTemplate is a representation of a reusable drawing to be placed on a page or to be used to set or replace the appearance of an annotation on a page. DrawingTemplate objects are never used directly. Instead, after they are created they are stored in a document's Resources property and referenced throughout the document by the resource name instead of using the DrawingTemplate directly. DrawingTemplate objects themselves may refer to other resources including image, font, colorspace, and template resources. DrawingTemplate objects have a Bounds property that specifies the area in which the DrawingTemplate will be constrained when drawn. Any marks outside of this box will be clipped out of view. To use a DrawingTemplate within a page or another template, make a PdfTemplateShape that references the template's resource name. The PdfTemplateShape can be put into the page's DrawingList. To build the visual components of a template, make shape objects and put them in the template's DrawingList.
Public enumerationTemplateColorSpaceKind
This represents possible color spaces for a transparent DrawingTemplate.
Public enumerationTemplateKind
TemplateKind describes the general usage of a DrawingTemplate.