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Atalasoft.PdfDoc.Geometry Namespace

Public classPdfPointCollection
Represents a list of PdfPoint objects.
Public classPdfQuadrilateral
This class represents a four-sided polygon. It is typically used in marking text on the page. For drawing order purposes, if the quadrilateral is a rectangle on the page, P0 is the lower-left corner, P1 is the lower-right corner, P2 is the upper right corner, and P3 is the upper-left corner. Misordering the points may result in the shape being rendered upside down or as a bow-tie.
Public classPdfQuadrilateralCollection
This class represents a collection of PdfQuadrilateral objects.
Public classCode examplePdfTransform
A class representing a matrix transform usable with the Pdf Generating Tools.
Public classRangeT
Range represents an orderable range of values.
Public structurePdfBounds
A struct representing the bounds of an object in Pdf space.
Public structurePdfPoint
A representation of a point in PDF space.
Public enumerationPdfTransformType
The type of transform that a PdfTransform is