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Atalasoft.PdfDoc.MidLevel.Ionic.Zlib Namespace

Public classDeflateStream
A class for compressing and decompressing streams using the Deflate algorithm.
Public classGZipStream
A class for compressing and decompressing GZIP streams.
Public classParallelDeflateOutputStream
A class for compressing streams using the Deflate algorithm with multiple threads.
Public classZlibCodec
Encoder and Decoder for ZLIB and DEFLATE (IETF RFC1950 and RFC1951).
Public classZlibConstants
A bunch of constants used in the Zlib interface.
Public classZlibException
A general purpose exception class for exceptions in the Zlib library.
Public classZlibStream
Represents a Zlib stream for compression or decompression.
Public enumerationCompressionLevel
The compression level to be used when using a DeflateStream or ZlibStream with CompressionMode.Compress.
Public enumerationCompressionMode
An enum to specify the direction of transcoding - whether to compress or decompress.
Public enumerationCompressionStrategy
Describes options for how the compression algorithm is executed. Different strategies work better on different sorts of data. The strategy parameter can affect the compression ratio and the speed of compression but not the correctness of the compresssion.
Public enumerationFlushType
Describes how to flush the current deflate operation.