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Atalasoft.PdfDoc.Repair Namespace

Public classArrayRepairOptions
ArrayRepairOptions represents the set of options that can be used for repairing array definitions.
Public classPropertyRepairOptions
PropertyRepairOptions is a class that is used to determine how repairs of PDF dictionary properties are managed. Damaged properties are typically the result of incorrect PDF.
Public classRepairOptions
RepairOptions defines a set of choices that can be to automatically repair elements in PDF documents
Public classStructureRepairOptions
StructureRepairOptions describe options for repairing gross structural problems in a PDF document. These problems are usually encountered early in working with the document and require rewriting the document.
Public delegateArrayRepairOptionsArrayElementReplacer
This delegate is used to replace a missing or damaged array element.
Public delegateProblemSelector
This delegate will be called to select if a problem is a candidate for repair.
Public delegatePropertyRepairOptionsPropertyValueReplacer
The PropertyValueReplacer is called when a property repair is being made. If the delegate wishes to replace the recommended value for a property.
Public delegateRepairSelector
This delegate will get called to select if a repair should be enacted.
Public delegateStructureRepairOptionsNameReplacer
A delegate that is used to rename an existing name.
Public enumerationBadDestinationRepairAction
Determines how a bad destination in a "go to" action should be repaired
Public enumerationDuplicateNameTreeEntryRepairAction
Determines the action to take
Public enumerationProblemAction
ProblemSelector is used to determine if a problem should be accepted for repair or not.
Public enumerationRepairAction
Describes the action to take on a repair.
Public enumerationRepairChoice
Represents a choice on whether a repair should be made