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Atalasoft.Shared.Validation Namespace

Public classBaseProblem
An abstract class that defines a problem located in an object and a mechanism to repair it.
Public classBaseRepairConsequences
This class represents the consequences of performing a particular repair. This class is never constructed directly and is instead defined by the package that requires validation as the meaning of repair consequences will vary based on the package's needs.
Public classBasicRepairContextT
A basic RepairContext object meant for holding one piece of content.
Public classProblemT, U
Defines a problem found in the internal state of an object.
Public classProblemEventArgs
Represents an event fired when a problem has been repaired.
Public classProblemList
A list of problems that need to be repaired.
Public classRepairContext
A base context for repairing problems.
Public interfaceIValidatable
IValidatable is an interface that declares that an object knows how to check itself for internal consistency errors, report the errors and possibly repair them.
Public delegateProblemT, UReparationMechanism
This delegate represents a method which can enact a repair for this type of problem.
Public delegateRepairChooser
RepairChooser is a delegate that decides, given a problem, if the problem should be repaired or not.