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Atalasoft.Twain Namespace

Public classAcquireEventArgs
Contains information about the image just acquired.
Public classCode exampleAcquisition
This is the main class for image acquisitions. Use this class by itself for standard acquires, or use it to get a Device object for more control over the acquire operation. For low level access to Twain, use the TwainController object.
Public classCode exampleAsynchronousExceptionEventArgs
This class is passed to an AsynchronousExceptionEventHandler when there is an exception during an asynchronous acquisition.
Public classCode exampleDevice

Contains information about a single device and handles the acquisition of images from that device.

Public classDeviceCollection

Contains a collection of all Device objects on the system.

Public classDeviceEventArgs
Contains information about a device event.
Public classDocumentFeeder
Gives control over the document feeder used by a scanner.
Public classFileInformation
Contains information about a specific file in the FileSystem.
Public classFileSystem
Contains methods which can navigate the file system of a camera.
Public classFileTransferEventArgs

Contains information about the file transfer used in the FileTransfer event.

Public classFormDataCollection
The FormDataCollection is used with the HttpPost class to send form information to a web server.
Public classCode exampleHttpPost

This class allows can post image data to a server without user interaction.

Public classInvalidStateException
This exception is fired when an action, such as setting a property, has been taken before the device is in the proper state.
Public classMemoryDataTransferEventArgs
This class is used with the MemoryDataTransfer event of the TwainController.
Public classMemoryFileTransferEventArgs
This class contains information for a memory file transfer.
Public classTwainBarCode
This class provides access to barcode and patchcode specific methods.
Public classCode exampleTwainCapability
This class is used with SendCommand to get or set device capabilities.
Public classTwainController
The TwainController class allows for lower level access to Twain, providing greater control over the acquisition and access to custom device properties.
Public classTwainCustomData
This class is used with SendCommand to query the device for its current settings or to restore previously saved settings.
Public classTwainDataImageInfoEventArgs
This class is passed to the BeforeTwainDataTransfer event to supply general information about the image about to be acquired.
Public classTwainDataTransferEventArgs
This class is used with the TwainDataTransfer event to allow the acquired data to be handled by the developer instead of by DotTwain.
Public classTwainDeviceCallbackEventArgs
This class is used with the TwainDeviceCallbackEventHandler and provides information passed from the device to the application.
Public classCode exampleTwainDeviceEvent
This class is used with SendCommand to obtain information about a device event when the TwainEventMessage retrieved from ProcessEvent(Message, TwainEventMessage) is MSG_DEVICEEVENT.
Public classTwainEvent
This class is used with SendCommand to process Windows messages during an acquisition.
Public classTwainException
This is a general exception due to an error while using DotTwain.
Public classTwainExtendedImageInformation
This class is used with SendCommand to get extended image information from the device.
Public classTwainFileSystem
This class is used with SendCommand to control the file system of a Twain compatible camera.
Public classTwainHandle
This class is used with SendCommand to pass a handle to Twain.
Public classTwainIdentity
This class is used to identify your application to Twain and to provide information about each Twain compatible device found on the system.
Public classTwainImageInfo
This class is used with SendCommand to get information about the image about to be scanned or the one that was just acquired.
Public classTwainImageLayout
This class is used with the SendCommand method to get or set image layout data.
Public classTwainManager

The TwainManager class is used to control which version of TWAIN is used by DotTwain.

TWAIN 2.x (twaindsm.dll) will be used by default if it exists on the system, otherwise TWAIN version 1.x (twain_32.dll) is used. Some drivers will not work with TWAIN 2.x, such as WIA drivers. To use these drivers you can force DotTwain to use version 1.x by setting the ForceTwain1xBehavior property to true before creating an instance of Acquisition or TwainController.

Public classCode exampleTwainMemory
This class represents a memory object passed into TWAIN or returned from TWAIN.
Public classCode exampleTwainResolution
Describes the horizontal and vertical resolution.
Public classTwainUserInterface
This class is used with the SendCommand method to display or hide the driver interface.
Public classUnsupportedCapabilityException

This exception is caused when trying to use features of Twain which are unsupported by the device. For instance, if you try to perform an acquire directly to file and the device does not support this feature, an UnsupportedCapabilityException will be generated.

Public interfaceCode exampleITwainDataStructure
This interface is used for data classes sent to the SendCommand(TwainTriplet, TwainIdentity, ITwainDataStructure) method.
Public delegateAsynchronousExceptionEventHandler
This event handler is used to notify the application of any exceptions during an asynchronous acquisition.
Public delegateBeforeTwainDataTransferEventHandler
This event handler is used to provide information about the data that is about to be scanned.
Public delegateDeviceEventHandler
This event handler is used to pass the DeviceEventFlagss to the application.
Public delegateFileTransferEventHandler
This event handler is used when acquiring images directly to a file.
Public delegateImageAcquiredEventHandler
This event handler is used to notify the application when an image has been acquired.
Public delegateMemoryDataTransferEventHandler
This event handler is used in the TwainController to capture a memory transfer as data is being sent from the driver.
Public delegateMemoryFileTransferEventHandler
This event handler is used in the TwainController and Acquisition objects to request a file format and Stream for saving the scanned image.
Public delegateTwainDataTransferEventHandler
This event handler is used to allow the data retrieved from the device to be handled by the developer instead of by DotTwain.
Public delegateTwainDeviceCallbackEventHandler

This delegate is used with the RegisterTwainCallback(TwainDeviceCallbackEventHandler) method to allow the use of a callback instead of a message loop for device communication.

This feature is only available when using TWAIN 2.0 or higher.

Public enumerationAlarmTypeFlags
The type of alarm used for the Alarms property of the Device.
Public enumerationAutoDiscardMode
Used with AutoDiscardBlankPages to enable or disable this feature in the driver.
Public enumerationBarCodeSearchMode
Specifies the search mode for barcode recognition.
Public enumerationBarCodeType
Public enumerationBatchJobControl
Used to set the batch mode of the device.
Public enumerationBitDepthReductionMode
The bit depth reduction mode for the Source.
Public enumerationClearBufferMode
These values are used to determine how the device will clear its internal buffer.
Public enumerationColorFilterFlags
The filter values for the ColorFilter device property.
Public enumerationCompressionMode
Compression modes used during file and memory transfers.
Public enumerationCountryCode
A list of country codes used by Twain devices.
Public enumerationDeviceCapability
The device capabilities which can be tested with the QueryCapability(DeviceCapability, Boolean) method. This enumeration is also used with the low level TwainController.
Public enumerationDeviceEventFlags
A set of bit flags used to indicate which device events you want to receive.
Public enumerationDocumentFeederAlignment
Used to determine the alignment of the paper in a document feeder.
Public enumerationDocumentFeederOrder
Used to set the page order of the document feeder.
Public enumerationDuplexMode
The duplex mode supported by the device.
Public enumerationFileItemType
Indicates the type of file or device camera position.
Public enumerationFlashMode
Specifies the type of flash, if any, was used by the device.
Public enumerationFlipRotationMode
Specifies the type of flip rotation the Source will perform.
Public enumerationImageFilterMode
A list of filter the source can apply to the image.
Public enumerationImagePixelType
Used to determine the type of image being transferred.
Public enumerationImprinterEndorserMode
Used with SetImprinterEndorser to specify the type of string to use.
Public enumerationImprinterEndorserType
Bit flags used to indicate which printers for imprinting or endorsing are available.
Public enumerationLanguageType
Languages used by the source device.
Public enumerationLightPathMode
Specifies the type of light path used.
Public enumerationLightSourceMode
Specifies the light characteristics used for the acquisition.
Public enumerationNoiseFilterMode
Specifies the noise filter to use for the acquisition.
Public enumerationOrientationMode
Used to set the orientation of the image.
Public enumerationOverscanMode
Specifies the type of Overscan used by the device.
Public enumerationPatchCodeType
Specifies the type of patchcode to work with.
Public enumerationPowerSupplyMode
Specifies the type of power supply being used by the device.
Public enumerationQueryOperation
Specifies the type of operation that can be performed on a specific capability.
Public enumerationSourceImageFormat
Specifies the type of image format to use when saving directly from the source device.
Public enumerationStaticFrameSizeType
An enumeration of standard frame sizes used by FrameSize.
Public enumerationTwainAutoSize
Specifies the type of auto sizing to perform.
Public enumerationTwainCameraSide
Specifies which camera to enable or disable in the EnableCamera(TwainCameraSide, Boolean) method.
Public enumerationTwainConditionCode
Public enumerationTwainContainer
Specifies the type of container used for capabilities in the TwainCapability class.
Public enumerationTwainDataGroupFlags
Indicates the control groups supported by the device. The TwainIdentity class provides this information about the device.
Public enumerationTwainEventMessage
These messages are passed to the WndProc during acquisition to indicate events from the device.
Public enumerationTwainExtendedImageInfoID
Used to specify which extended parameters are requested from the driver.
Public enumerationTwainFeederPocket
Specifies feeder pockets available for page ouput.
Public enumerationTwainFeederType
Specifies the feeder type to use with the specified parameters.
Public enumerationTwainIccProfileOption
Specifies the type of ICC profile support to use.
Public enumerationTwainItemType
Specifies the item type used for item data in TWAIN.
Public enumerationTwainPixelFlavor
Determines whether Black or White is represented by the value zero.
Public enumerationTwainReturnCode
These values are returned from Twain and the device. The LastReturnCode property of the Device object provides this value as do the methods in the TwainController class.
Public enumerationTwainState
Indicates the current Twain state. This value can be retrieved from the State property of the Device and TwainController classes.
Public enumerationTwainTransferMethod
Specifies the transfer method used. This can be set with the TransferMethod property of the Device object.
Public enumerationTwainTriplet
Specifies the Twain operation to perform in the SendCommand method of TwainController. See the Twain specification for more information about these operations.
Public enumerationUnitType
Used to set the units of measure for the acquire.