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DisposableAtalaImageWindow Constructor

Creates a new DisposableAtalaImageWindow instance.
Overload List
Public methodDisposableAtalaImageWindow(AtalaImage)
Creates a new DisposableAtalaImageWindow based on an image. This DisposableAtalaImageWindow is neither bounded nor transformed.
Public methodDisposableAtalaImageWindow(AtalaImage, ImmutableMatrix)
Initializes a new instance of the DisposableAtalaImageWindow class
Public methodDisposableAtalaImageWindow(AtalaImage, RectangleF)
DisposableAtalaImageWindow is bounded by the RectangleF but not transformed in any way.
Public methodDisposableAtalaImageWindow(AtalaImage, RectangleF, ImmutableMatrix)
Creates a new bounded DisposableAtalaImageWindow based on an image, a bounding rectangle and a transformation matrix. This is done by transforming the given RectangleF with the ImmutableMatrix to create convex quadrilateral. This quadrilateral is the "window" through which the given image is viewed.
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