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WangFormatter Properties

The WangFormatter type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBinder
Gets or sets the SerializationBinder that performs type lookups during deserialization.
Public propertyContext
Gets or sets the StreamingContext used for serialization and deserialization.
Public propertyResolution
Gets or sets the document resolution used by the AnnotateViewer.
Public propertySurrogateSelector
Gets or sets the SurrogateSelector used by the current formatter.
Public propertyUseWangBoldLevels
Gets or sets a value indicating how the lfWeight property will be interpreted for a TextAnnotation. Default value is false, to preserve backwards compatibility, an lfWeight of 400 or greater will indicate bold text. Setting this to true will be consistent with the WANG specification, an lfWeight of 700 or greater will indicate bold text.
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