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AnnotationController Properties

The AnnotationController type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActiveAnnotation
Gets or sets the currently selected annotation.
Public propertyAnnotationConfinement
Gets or sets the annotation confinement used to keep annotations within a specific area of the control.
Public propertyClipToDocument
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the annotation rendering is clipped to the document bounds.
Public propertyCreateMouseButton
Gets or sets the mouse button used for creating annotations.
Public propertyCurrentLayer
Gets or sets the current active layer.
Public propertyDefaultSecurity
Gets or sets the default security used for new annotations.
Public propertyFactories
Gets the AnnotationUIFactoryCollection containing IAnnotationUIFactory objects used to create annotations from AnnotationData classes.
Public propertyInteractMode
Gets or sets a value specifying the user interactive mode of the AnnotationController.
Public propertyIsDirty
Gets a value indicating whether the annotations have been modified since the last load or save.
Public propertyLayers
Gets or sets the LayerCollection used by the AnnotationController.
Public propertyMultiSelectKey
Gets or sets the key held down to select multiple annotations.
Public propertyParent
Gets or sets the IAnnotate parent control where the annotations will be rendered.
Public propertyCode exampleRotationSnapInterval

Gets or sets the interval used for snapping interactive rotation to degrees.

This is used to help users when rotating an annotation, making it easier to stop at whole degrees. The snap area is determined by the RotationSnapThreshold property.

Public propertyCode exampleRotationSnapThreshold
Gets or sets the amount of deviation from the RotationSnapInterval that will be used to snap to the rotation interval.
Public propertySelectedAnnotations
Gets an array of annotations currently selected.
Public propertySite

Gets or sets the site of the control.

Public propertySmoothingMode
Gets or sets the smoothing mode used when drawing annotations.
Public propertyToolTip
Gets or sets the tooltip control used for annotation tooltips.
Public propertyUndoManager
Gets the AnnotationUndoManager used by the controller.
Public propertyWaitingToCreate
Gets a value indicating whether the AnnotationController is waiting for the user to create an annotation with the mouse.
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