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ReadOpts Properties

The ReadOpts type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAztecOptions
property: additional options specific to the Aztec symbology.
Public propertyCode39Options
property: Reading options specific to the Code39 symbology
Public propertyDirection
property: enabled barcode orientations
Public propertyEnforceChecksum
property: enforce the checksum in those symbologies in which a checksum character is optional. Initialized to false by constructor.
Public propertyPdf417Options
property: additional options specific to the PDF417 symbology.
Public propertyQuietZoneTolerance
property: how strongly to enforce quiet zone requirements, from 0.0 (ignore them) to 1.0 (enforce strictly). Default: 1.0
Public propertyReadingQuality
Gets or sets the speed or accuracy of the BarCodeReader.
Public propertyRectOfInterest
Gets or sets a rectangular region of the image to look for barcodes.
Public propertyScanBarsToRead
Gets or sets the number of bars to attempt to read. The value of this field is not significant when searching two color (e.g. black and white) images for one-dimensional or stacked symbols. Initialised to 1 by constructor.
Public propertyScanInterval
Gets or sets the scan interval. Initialized to 5 by constructor.
Public propertySkipAllValidation
Sets or gets whether or not the barcode reader should skip validation.
Public propertySymbology
Gets or sets the barcode symbology
Public propertyXOptions Obsolete.
Extra options for configuring the reader.
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