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BarcodeWriter Properties

The BarcodeWriter type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAlignment
Determines the BarcodeAlignment of the bar code symbol in the layout rectangle. Defaults to Center.
Public propertyCode exampleBackColor
Determines the color used to draw the background. Default is white.
Public propertyCode exampleBounds
After a call to Render(String, Graphics, Rectangle) contains the Rectanglethat bounds the rendered bar code.
Public propertyCaptionFont
The Font used to display the Caption if enabled (see DisplayCaption). Default is 8 point Arial.
Public propertyDisplayCaption
Determines whether the caption should be drawn as part of the barcode.
Public propertyCode exampleEncodedText
After a call to Render(String, Graphics, Rectangle) gets the text that was rendered in the barcode. This may include check sum digits or start/stop codes not contained in the text passed to render.
Public propertyForeColor
Determines the color used to draw the barcode. Default is black.
Public propertyLayoutMode
Determines whether the module width and ratio should be calculated automatically or manually. Default is LayoutMode.Auto
Public propertyModuleRatio
Sets or gets the ratio of wide bars to narrow bars in the barcode in barcodes that use wide and narrow strips. Default is 1.5.
Public propertyModuleWidth
Determines the widths of narrow bars in a barcode with both narrow and wide bars. Default is 2.
Public propertyOrientation
Specifies the BarcodeOrientation of the bar code. Default is BarcodeOrientation.Right
Public propertyStyle
Specifies the BarcodeStyle or Symbology for the bar code. This determines the supported character set. Default is BarcodeStyle.Code39
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