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AtalaImage Properties

The AtalaImage type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBitmapMirror Obsolete.
Gets the Bitmap mirror of this %AtalaImage%.
Public propertyColorDepth
Returns the number of bits per pixel of this AtalaImage.
Public propertyColorProfile
Gets or sets the ColorProfile associated with this AtalaImage.
Public propertyStatic memberDitherErrorMax Obsolete.
Gets or sets the diffusion or dither error that's applied to an image when converting to from a continuous tone to colormapped format.
Public propertyStatic memberEdition
Gets the type of license being used.
Public propertyHeight
Gets the height of this AtalaImage in pixels.
Public propertyCode exampleImageData Obsolete.
Gets the memory address of this AtalaImage. This property is unsupported. Using it will cause a compilation error. Use PixelMemory instead.
Public propertyPalette
Returns the palette object of this AtalaImage.
Public propertyPixelFormat
Sets or returns the PixelFormat of this AtalaImage.
Public propertyStatic memberPixelFormatChanger
Get or set the class used to convert image pixel formats.
Public propertyPixelMemory
Provides access to the memory that represents an image.
Public propertyResolution
Get or set the Resolution of this AtalaImage object
Public propertyRowStride
Get the number of bytes in each row of this AtalaImage.
Public propertySize
Gets the size of this AtalaImage in pixels.
Public propertyWidth
Returns the width of this AtalaImage in pixels.
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