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EpsEncoder Properties

The EpsEncoder type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCreator
This property represents the creator field in the header of the resulting EPS image.
Public propertyIgnoreColorProfile
Allow the EPS encoder to ignore the color profile provided by an image.
Public propertyImageLocation
This sets the relative location of the image in page space in units of points.
Public propertyIncludeShowPage
Determines whether or not this image will include the PostScript showpage command.
Public propertyInvertBW
Switches the sense of black and white in 1 bit-per-pixel images
Public propertyResolution
Sets the output resolution of the image.
Public propertyScale
Sets the output scale of the image.
Public propertySupportedPixelFormats
Returns an array of pixel formats supported by this encoder.
(Overrides ImageEncoderSupportedPixelFormats.)
Public propertyTitle
Set the title of the image in the EPS header
Public propertyUseImageResolution
Determine whether or not to use the resolution of the image to be saved.
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