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Jp2Decoder Properties

The Jp2Decoder type exposes the following members.

Public propertyByteOrder
Gets or sets the byte order of the decoded data from one of little endian, big endian, or machine automatic.
Public propertyCacheOption
Gets or sets a value specifying whether the compress data should be stored in an internal cache.
Public propertyEnableProgressiveDecompression
Gets or sets a value enabling the ability to progressively decode the image.
Public propertyPrecision
Gets or sets a value indicating the precision of the wavelet coefficients.
Public propertyProgressiveDecodeSteps
Gets or sets the number of progressive decompression steps.
Public propertyScaleDown
Gets or sets a factor that is used to scale downwards the image as it's decoded.
Public propertySupportedImageType Obsolete. (Overrides ImageDecoderSupportedImageType.)
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