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Jp2EncoderOptions Properties

The Jp2EncoderOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCodeBlockSize
Gets or sets the size of the blocks of coded data.
Public propertyCoderOptions
Gets or sets the coder options for faster compression / decompression.
Protected propertyGuardBits
Public propertyPacketMarkers
Gets or sets a value that creates special markers at the beginning and/or at the end of each block of a coded area.
Public propertyProgressionOrder
Gets or sets the organization of the coded data.
Public propertyQualityLayers
Gets or sets the number of quality layers in the code stream for use with progressive decoding.
Public propertyQuantizationStyle
Gets or sets the quantization steps.
Public propertyWaveletFilterMethod
Gets or sets a value selecting reversible (WaveletFiveThree) or irreversible (WaveletNineSeven) wavelet filters.
Public propertyWaveletLevels
Gets or sets the number of wavelet transformation levels.
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