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LineRemovalCommand Properties

The LineRemovalCommand type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAngleTolerance
The tolerance in degrees offset from vertical or horizontal.
Public propertyApplyToAnyPixelFormat
Reports whether or not this command will be applied to any supplied PixelFormat image
(Inherited from ImageCommand.)
Public propertyCanApplyToAnyPixelFormat
Returns true if the command can be applied to any PixelFormat.
(Inherited from ImageCommand.)
Public propertyInPlaceProcessing
Gets a value indicating if the source image data is processed in-place as opposed to returning a new image.
(Inherited from ImageCommand.)
Public propertyMaxLineGap
Lines detected will have a gap no greater than this value in pixels.
Public propertyMaxLineThickness
Maximum thickness in pixels of the line to be removed.
Public propertyMinLineLength
Minimum size limit of the lines to be removed in pixels.
Public propertyMinLineThickness
Minimum thickness in pixels of the line to be removed.
Public propertyOrientation
Orientation of the line to be removed: horizontal, vertical, or both.
Public propertyProgress
Gets or sets the ProgressEventHandler delegate which can be used to view or cancel the progress of the current process.
(Inherited from ImageCommand.)
Public propertyReconnectBrokenCharacters
When true, reconnects characters that are damaged when intersecting a line that is removed.
Public propertyRegionOfInterest

Gets or sets a RegionOfInterest which will only process the indicated region of the image.

(Inherited from ImageRegionCommand.)
Public propertySpeedFactor
Determines the sample size of the image to process, affecting quality and speed.
Public propertySupportedPixelFormats
Gets a list of PixelFormats that this command will support without throwing an exception. This command supports Pixel1bppIndexed only.
(Overrides ImageCommandSupportedPixelFormats.)
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