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NDGradFilterCommand Properties

The NDGradFilterCommand type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAngle
Gets or sets the angle of effect in degrees. 0 is horizontal (horizon). +/- 90 is vertical, etc.
Public propertyApplyToAnyPixelFormat
Reports whether or not this command will be applied to any supplied PixelFormat image
(Inherited from ImageCommand.)
Public propertyCanApplyToAnyPixelFormat
Returns true if the command can be applied to any PixelFormat.
(Inherited from ImageCommand.)
Public propertyDensity
Gets or sets the density - the strength of the filter, roughly in f-stops.
Public propertyFilterType
Gets or sets the filter to use for the ND Graduated Filter.
Public propertyHardness
Gets or sets a value indicating the hardness of the filter, expressed as a Gamma / Power value. 1 is nearly linear, higher values are higher gamma/contrast transitions
Public propertyInPlaceProcessing
Gets a value indicating if the source image data is processed in-place as opposed to returning a new image.
(Overrides ImageCommandInPlaceProcessing.)
Public propertyLocation
Gets or sets the location of the center of the filter effect from the top of the image (0) to the bottom (1).
Public propertyProgress
Gets or sets the ProgressEventHandler delegate which can be used to view or cancel the progress of the current process.
(Inherited from ImageCommand.)
Public propertyRadius
Gets or sets the radius.
Public propertyStartDensity
Gets or sets the starting density.
Public propertySupportedPixelFormats
Gets an array of supported pixel formats.
(Overrides ImageCommandSupportedPixelFormats.)
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